Replacement policy


Helper4U connects you with suitable Helpers as per your requirement. Acceptance of any job offer depends on personal preferences of the two sides. So, noone can guarantee hiring of candidate you contact. But, we want you to close your hiring and so offer a liberal Replacement Credit policy.
All you have to do is visit - Go to Contact List - Update Status by selecting drop down against Helper name - Add Remarks in the text box

You can claim Replacement Credit if:

A] You bought the Rs. 899 subscription and find:

1. Wrong Location/ Job Category on Helper profile OR

2. Wrong/ unreachable number OR

3. The Helper has got another job

You should claim this credit within 2 days after taking the contact.

1. You do not like the Helper OR

2. The Helper refuses job even when it is as per their job profile OR

3. The Helper does not come for interview

For the above you get 5 days to claim the credit.

B] The Helper you hire leaves within 90 days:
Update Status of a Helper you hire as Hired by Me within 7 days of taking the contact.

If this Helper leaves within 90 days of this action, update the Status as Left within 90 days.
This is available for all packages.

Replacement Number credit is automatically activated next day. It can be used at any time in future.
For any issues regarding the claim just drop us a mail, within 5 days of taking a contact, on support@helper4u.in. We will be unable to help after 5 days.

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Happy Hiring!
Team Helper4U
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