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Replacement policy


Helper4U connects you with suitable Helpers as per your requirement. Acceptance of any job offer depends on personal preferences of the two sides. So, noone can guarantee hiring of candidate you contact. But, we want you to close your hiring and so offer a liberal Replacement Credit policy.
All you have to do is visit - Go to Contact List - Update Status by selecting drop down against Helper name - Add Remarks in the text box

You can claim Replacement Credit, in the following condition:

You use the Bulk Package to hire a Helper and update Status of a Helper you hire as Hired by Me within 10 days of taking the contact:

If this Helper leaves within 90 days, please update the Status as Left within 90 days.

All Replacement Number credits are activated next day at 7 pm. It can be used at any time in future within the package validity period.

We update our Remarks after talking to the Helper when a claim is submitted for Replacement Credit. Please check these on your contact list. For any support or issue regarding the claim or our Remark, please drop us a mail, within 5 days of taking a contact, on

If you feel that for some reason you will need more time to update the remarks (for eg. the Helper agrees to come only after a few days) please let us know either on mail or on whatsapp number given under Contact Us, so that we keep the transation open till the required time. Otherwise it is impossible for us to reopen a transaction after the window of 5 days.

If you use the Personalised Service option:

We will help you find a replacement if the Helper leaves within 30 days of hiring. If we are unable to find soemone suitable for you, we will refund the entire cost after deduction of Rs. 1,000 against verificationa and processing fees.

In case you let go of a Helper for any reason, or do not hire after trial, please ensure that you immediately make payment to the Helper for the days they have worked for you.

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Team Helper4U
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