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When to hire Caregiver for paents?

Hire Caregiver for parents

Can your parents do the following 6 Activities of Daily Living without assistance

Do you worry if you need to hire a caregiver for your parents? Not sure if your parents need any assistance in their daily life? That is an increasing worry of children now as they live away from their parents.

Here is a checklist to help you make that decision. Just check can your parents do the following 6 Activities of Daily Living or ADLs without assistance? If yes, then rest assured. They can take care of themselves independently. If they find it challenging to do one or more of the below, it is time to hire a part-time, full time or live in caregiver.

ADL:  Using buckets
Can your parents bathe by themselves? If not get some help.

1. Bathing

This is the first ADL. Do your parents struggle to use buckets or shower and applying soap on all parts including back, feet, etc? If the answer is yes, then they need help with this import daily activity.

ADL 2: Dressing up independently
Dressing up independently is an important ADL

2. Dressing

Can your parents take out clothes from the closet and put them on using appropriate fasteners (zips, hooks, buttons, etc). Are they able to turn the clothes inside out and vice versa? Is it easy for them to hang the clothes on hooks? Are they able to fold and unfold the clothes? If yes, then this ADL is taken care of. Else you may need to hire a caregiver.

Parents should be able to use toilet independently, else they need a caregiver
Using the Toilet independently

3. Toileting

Going to the bathroom, getting on and off the toilet, taking off and putting on clothes, and cleaning body parts is an important day to day activity. It is also of extreme importance from the hygiene point of view. One should be able to do that, either by oneself or with support, if needed. If there is a problem with this then find out if you should hire a caregiver for your parents.

If feeding by self is challenge hire a caregiver
It is important that parents are able to feed themselves. Else, hire a caregiver.

4. Feeding

This involves taking food from a plate and putting it into the mouth. This may be done with hands, or fork and spoon. If your parents are struggling with doing this, they need some help.

ADL: Getting in and out of a bed
Difficulty in getting out of bed or chair? They may need a caregiver

5. Transferring

Getting in and out of a chair or bed is an activity that is undertaken multiple times in a day. Can your parents maintain their balance and undertake these activities without any help? If not, it is time to hire a caregiver for your parents.

Incontinence maay mean hiring a caregiver from Helper4U
Bladder control may be impaired and help may be needed

6. Continence

Continence means the ability to control movements of the bowels and bladder. Having complete control over urination and defecation is something with which parents struggle as they grow old. If your parents struggle with this, it is time to get medical help, as well as help them get used to diapers. Diapers for the elderly are freely available in the market now.

You can hire specialized caregivers/nurses/ward boys or just a good helper & companion, depending upon the need. Check out for any hiring need. You can find verified, trained and/or experienced caregivers there and call them directly to hire them.

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