All About Hiring Helpers

Using Helper4U

Using Helper4U

Using Helper4U helps you hire Domestic & Office Helpers Better, Faster, Cheaper.

Guide to Shortlisting Helpers:

If you’re shortlisting Helpers for hiring, here’s some advice to guide you through the process and make using Helper4U easier.

Using filters

Job Seekers highlight their qualifications, certifications, training, experience, services and availability on their profile. Use the different filters for these details during your search, based on what qualities your ideal Helper should have. Browse for and shortlist suitable candidates accordingly. You can see your shortlist under My Account.

Candidate Verification

Helper4U verifies contact details of the Helpers, and ensures they have an Aadhar Card, which is the most authentic Unique ID in India. We check all drivers for their driving license. We also ask candidates for their photographs for verification with Aadhar Card, but sometimes they are hesitant in giving it. Photographs of the ones who do share their photographs are shown against their profiles. Successful verification are highlighted in their profile. Read the details while shortlisting.

Our advice is that before hiring anyone, you should check all their original documents and do the required verification at your end. We can connect you with experts who can help you with address, background, criminal record, education, reference check etc. All these services come at an extra cost but are worth the expense and the effort. Check out available services here or drop us a mail. Check out our blog for more info.

Reporting Fraud Candidates

We use a set process, and the latest technology to filter out fraud and inappropriate content. We also weed out candidates we feel are not suitable for hiring from our website.
When Job Seekers join Helper4U they are subject to an approval process from our team. Trained members check all profiles for inappropriate content. Only after the approval from the administrator does a profile become live on the website.
However, while shortlisting Helpers, if you feel that a profile or a message is inappropriate or fraud please report it on Helper4U treats all complaint reports on a priority basis.

Also check why is it important to always register your helper with police here!

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