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During my interaction with domestic help coming to get registered with us, the top reason why employees give up on an employer and look for a new job is Lack of Trust. We have actually had maids breaking down when they relate their experiences with employers. Some of the common statements we have heard are:

“She keeps following me all around the house. Can you work when someone is constantly following you around? Why does she do it? Do I become a thief just because I am poor?”

“I want a new job. Every time my Madam cannot find something she thinks I have stolen it. And, she always finds it later. But, she never says sorry. Why does she not lock everything up? That would make everyone’s life better.”

Come to think of it, how would we like if our boss was constantly breathing down our neck while we worked? Or, if someone blamed us for anything and everything that goes wrong or gets misplaced, without any reason or proof?

So, if you want to retain a good helper the guru mantra is simple: Trust them.
Take the basic precautions and then at least let them feel you trust them. This means, be vigilant, but do so discreetly.

Some simple things you can do :

1. Lock up things which you think can be stolen.
2. Keep your keys in a place where they are not easily accessible.
3. Give clear instructions and then withdraw so that your maid or cook can work independently.

We literally live with our domestic help, so let us aim to generate some goodwill. bridges the gap between employers and employees and assists the helpers in getting a suitable job for themselves. Do browse our listings or get in touch if you need a helper!

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