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All of us who work for a living expect our bosses to treat us with respect and help us maintain a work-life balance. If there is a sick child at home, or the child has exams, we expect the people at work should sympathise with us and allow us to take leave or at least go home early. We also expect annual vacation, flexibility of getting leaves around long weekends or festivals, and also gifts or bonus around festivals and at least greetings, if not a day off, on our birthdays and anniversaries.

Now, do we as employers extend the same to our own household staff like Maids, Drivers, Babysitters or cooks? Respect????? Work Life Balance???? Forget it!!! They have to somehow manage problems at their homes, but report for work, come whatever. They should not even think of a long vacation (two days off is enough to get us all hassled and rattled), else their salary gets deducted. Long weekends or festivals…not for them… they should spend more time at their workplace, that is our homes. After all we have parties, or guests or other chores on these days.

And when we give them a Diwali bonus, we expect extra cleaning to be completed at our homes (as if they don’t have their own homes to be cleaned). I am pretty confident that none of us knows the birthdays, leave alone anniversaries of our household staff. If anyone does, hats off to you.

Is this the kind of workplace environment that anyone would enjoy?

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