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Using COVID Lockdown to Train your Helpers

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Locked up in your home due to COVID? Stressing about how to use this extra time? Well, at Helper4U we brainstormed about how employers of domestic Helpers could use this time with maximum RoI. Training the Helpers was the unanimous winner.

In the first in this series we have suggestions for employers who have Live-in Helpers, who decided to stay back. We came up with some very valuable yet simple things.

Read on to see how can you use this time productively for your home and take steps to take your Helper to the next level to make your as well as their lives better and take on more of your chores.

Training your helpers
Train and Delegate

1. Make them more responsible: Think of the many things you wished your Helper did, or did in a particular way – But did not have the time so far to helper her move in that direction. Think , “Which of my chores can I pass on to my worker”: Ironing your clothes properly, setting your cupboards in a certain way, bathing the child or playing a game with your child, planning the meals without your instructions, or maybe even making that special dish your family likes but she cannot make. Train your helper in these and similar things.

Now that you have the time, teach them these skills so that you can then delegate and move on to other important things in your life. Think beyond the COVID lockdown.

Teach, demonstrate, record and share if needed, supervise and then let her own it.

Process for cleaning fridge
Set up Processes

2. Set up processes: Surely no one can care for the hygiene of your home like you, least of all a Helper who has most probably not been lucky enough to have had education in this field. So, set up processes for maintaining hygiene, cleaning the home, washing vegetables, cleaning the fridge etc. Involve your kids in making pictorial process charts and share with her for reference. Train the Helpers in using these charts.

Transfer your skill of attention to detail, by teaching her how to notice things, where to check and how to check. 

You could share some video with her to watch.

For example how to cook nutritious food or how to ensure safety at home.

Routine of Helpers
Set up Routines

3. Set up routines: If you have struggled to set up routines because you are not available to monitor compliance, now is the time. Enforce a routine and ensure compliance when you are home. Make a list of “My Chores” for your Helper and train them how do complete them in the best possible way. The time you are at home is your training time when you can monitor, correct and enforce the routines.

Rest, have fun, stay indoors & stay safe – Help flatten the curve and return back to our lives.

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