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Tips to Hire your Housekeeping Staff Cautiously

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There is a high demand for hiring domestic housekeepers in Mumbai because we are so busy with our daily lives and always have our hands full. Finding a domestic helper, especially for house cleaning, can save us a lot of time and energy, and we can devote time to more important tasks, like enjoying an increase in quality time with our friends and family.
There are a few basic rules while hiring housekeeping staff in general. Hire a domestic helper that has a kind nature and good temperament. Make her feel comfortable in the house, and involve her in small conversations to get to know her. She doesn’t necessarily need to be professionally qualified.

Let’s take a look at a few tips one should keep in mind when going through housekeeping job profiles.

• Confirm monthly wages and lay ground rules about taking leave. Clearing financial matters at the beginning of hiring housekeeping ensures transparent payment terms.
• Schedule a meeting with your new housekeeper before hiring. Discuss his/her concerns, share suggestions, ask questions, etc. Decide if the working relationship is acceptable to both parties.
• Background checks are essential. Take the helper’s address, contact numbers, identity proof like Aadhar Card, PAN card, Voting card, etc, and a passport size photograph.
• Ask for references as part of a background check. Call and talk to the references before hiring.
• It is advisable to do a criminal background check. Even if you find a helper through personal references register her in the police station. This ensures your safety.
• Inquire if your helper has insurance as it is essential if he/she injures himself/herself while engaged at your workplace. Encourage her to take government-sponsored health and life insurance. Many of these are offered as an add on with their Jan Dhan account.
• Since the maid will be frequenting the house, it is advisable that the maid is fit for work and has no illnesses or health issues.It is advisable that you get a basic health check done to ensure that your helper is not a disease carrier.

We hope these tips help you find and select a house helper in India., an online database of domestic helpers, offers background checks as a service for an extra charge of anywhere between Rs.300 – Rs.4000 depending on the requirement. You can refer to this link for more details.

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