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Cleanliness, love for children, patience, preferably a female, are some basic things. You would look out for when hiring someone to take care of your little bundle of joy. Additionally, at different stages of your child’s growth, you will look out for helpers to take care of different needs. Different skills and qualifications are needed for a child care professional, depending upon the age of the child/baby. We have compiled a list of requirements that should be met, based on our discussions with some mothers.

  1. Japawalli (Baby – 0 to 45 days):

    Japa is a traditional way to look after a just born baby and the mother so that both maintain good health. Japa period is mainly between 30 days – 45 days. A lot of physical effort is undertaken by the Japawallies in their work, so get one who is healthy. Choose a helper who can massage the baby as well as the mother, cook food as per the requirement for the mother, in addition to what the nanny (as given below) can do.

  2. Nanny (Baby – 0 to 2 years):

    Should be able to do things like sterilization of baby’s belongings / bathing / massaging / toilet care / burping / make baby sleep / feeding (bottles or spoon-feeding) / keep baby’s room clean / washing and ironing baby’s clothes / giving baby regular medicines / taking the baby out and playing with the baby. She should understand the preliminary health problems of the baby / and be a little knowledge to take adequate care. The nanny should have high energy to cope up with a fast-growing child. She should also be responsible enough to keep the baby safe inside as well as outside the house. Ensure she is not addicted to her phone, or the TV, and can focus on the baby.
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  3. Baby sitter (Baby – 2 to 5 years):

    Should be able to take care of baby /handling baby gently/ looking after all baby-related job / accompany the school going baby. She should have the patience to feed the child, toilet trains the child and be able to keep the child engaged with simple toys, puzzles, books, etc.
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  4. Childcare help: (Baby – 5 years and above):

    Only required if the baby is alone at home. She should be educated enough to read to the child, play board games, and even help with basic studies if required. Her role in a child’s life will sometimes be like a playmate, friend and sometimes as a teacher. She will be responsible for laying the foundation for the overall accomplishment of the child in the absence of a parent.

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