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Hiring maids keep the house clean and do household chores while we’re out working or handling other aspects of our lives. In India, they are often not only functional supports but moral supports as well. Often, when a good rapport is struck, they become extensions of the family, and children in the house come to respect them and treat them almost like a second mother.

And while hiring household help can be of huge assistance, it does not always necessarily simplify life. Retaining a maid can be a complicated affair – with all their planned and unplanned holidays trips, family illnesses and special occasions? And while there isn’t a concrete formula on how best to hire and retain a maid we’ve taken the liberty to pen down a few tips on how to hire maids in India:

• Pay 10% above the going rate. Yes, this may go against intuition and pinch a little more but nothing is as important as a good household domestic companion – especially if you need somebody that can offer baby care and support as well. Paying slightly above average also ensures retention and if you are lucky a heightened sense of loyalty.

• Gather identification like an official ID, full name, address, and phone number. Learn as much as you can about them because, be rest assured, they will want to do the same. Having their particulars makes it simpler to contact them or their kin in case of an emergency.

• Be prepared to be without them at certain times during the year. Accepting this reality will help you prepare for their periodic absence. You can either keep a standby ‘badli’ maid ready or subscribe to pay-as-you-go maid services to bridge the gap.

• Try and hire through a reference. While this may not always be possible, a reference may be useful in finding out more about the domestic helper.

• Don’t get too attached. Work alongside them from time to time. This will help you keep those muscles flexed and stay in touch with how things are done. Besides, a little exercise is always a good thing!

• Nothing motivates better than the occasional bonus. Let’s be honest, we all love a little extra in our salaries for special occasions and for extra work done. Maid helpers are not really any different.

• Schedule your part-time maid to come early in the morning or then directly in the evening. This frees up your afternoon for your own commitments. For weekend help, ask them to come a bit later in the morning or early afternoon so you can relax.

• Avoid discussing personal matters with them or around them, especially monetary transactions. This of course also depends on your personal relationship with the maid, but it’s easy to get carried away when a good rapport is built up, so it’s always better to be a little wary.

• Get up to speed with what is the norm in your area if you have newly moved. Talk to your neighbors. Everyone loves a good maid story.

We hope the above points help you find and retain a maid in India – no matter where you are. Finding a maid, in general, might not be difficult, but finding the right fit sometimes takes some searching, which is where Helper4u enters the fray!

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