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The most beautiful Thanksgiving!

The following piece written by Mohit Gundecha, Co-founder & CEO Jombay, will surely touch your heart, as it touched mine!

It’s Thanksgiving time in the US. I have fond memories of the Thanksgiving lunch that my mentor at Stanford University invited me to every year. Both his sons and their families would get together at the popular Stanford faculty club. What started to be celebrated as a day of ‘thanking’ for the blessing of the harvest season. Now has now become an occasion for people to get together with their families.

This tradition of Thanksgiving ceased to be a part of my celebration plans when I returned to India seven years ago. Just recently, a close friend in the US was telling us about his Thanksgiving weekend plans. During the same conversation, he asked me a pertinent question – Do you still like living in India (more than the US)? My answer was a resounding YES! I can’t thank enough for the support system that we have got here. Apart from our parents and siblings being around. Our daily support system largely comprises of domestic help – cleaners, cooks, nannies, and drivers.

Without them in the picture, my wife and I cannot imagine being full-time entrepreneurs. Yet be able to spend time with our kids, be there for our friends, take care of social commitments, and the likes. The bond that we have struck with our help gives us the confidence to leave our old parents, our kids, and our home, in their hands, while we are away. They all work and behave as if they are in their own homes, and with their own families. They make sure they inculcate values in our kids, that we believe in, and make seamless parenting possible.

So when my friend spoke about his Thanksgiving plans. My wife thought of starting a Thanksgiving tradition for our kids here in India. This year, we decided to thank our house helps, both the nannies, and the cook, and our drivers, by gifting them and their families a cashless mediclaim policy. After all, this gang of ours has been with us for 4 years. In these 4 years, my wife and I have been able to achieve much for ourselves and more for our people. And it would not have been possible without them for sure. On top of that, they go out of the way, with their acts of care and love, without ever making us feel that we have been replaced. And that’s remarkable!

We take this opportunity to thank the gang this and every coming thanksgiving!

Mohit Gundecha

Thank you, Mohit for sharing this. We are sure this will inspire many of us to act similarly.
@All readers: Do share with us if you have any such stories.

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