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As I got into a cab today, as usual I started chatting with the cab driver. (Smugly) I start the conversation, but he ends it for me, with a peek into the minds of our Helpers: drivers, maids, delivery boys stc., many of whom are migrants.

Check out.

Me: Where are you from?
He: Varanasi.
Me: Oh! so you are from Modi ji’s city
He: No, Madam. He has come to MY city.
Me: Well said (sahi pakde hain!)
Me: But we hear your city has improved a lot since Modi ji won from there.
He: Kya Madam…. I was there just a few months back. Things might have changed for the rich, but nothing has changed for us.
Me: What do you mean?
He: The day I can go back to my hometown and get a job there, that is the day I will say the place has improved. Till the day I have to stay away from my family to earn money nothing means much to me.
Me: Hmmm…how true!
Me: But, at least things have started changing. We hear flyovers etc are being built….
He: Madam, how does a flyover really help the people like me? That might help someone like you only.
Me: !!!!
He: See. My village still has no roads also no water and electricity. Without roads I cannot think of doing any business. My children cannot go to study.
We still have no electricity for hours on end, so it is almost impossible for me to set up any machine or industry.
Water is not easily available, so females in the house spend most of their time and energy on getting water. Nothing has changed in the last two years.
Me: Don’t you complain?
He: To whom? None in power has time for the weak…. Actually it also suits everyone in power to not help us get out of our misery.
Me: Why?
He: Because that ensures we are always available to serve the rich at low cost…

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