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Simple Tips to Baby Proof Your House

how to Baby proof your home

Babies spend the most time at home. We might feel that homes are the safest haven for our child, but the truth is home is where they are most prone to accidents. It takes simple, logical steps to keep them safe at home.

10 Tips to keep them safe at home:

1. Install door stoppers on all doorstop ensure that doors shut slowly. So, children will not jam their body parts like fingers in the doors
2. Use a doorknob with a lock, especially on the main door, so that the door automatically locks when it closes. This ensures that child does not crawl out of the house when no one is looking
3. Keep all cupboards and shelves locked, or at least closed with latches which are not easy to open for children.
4. Put rubber guards on taps in bathrooms. These are available in hardware shops. They ensure that while bathing and splashing around you child will not smash himself/herself against sharp edges of the tap
5. Add plastic corners to your tables, if they have sharp edges. These are also available in hardware shops at many places.
6. Remove all rugs and carpets till the baby can balance and walk well
7. Empty all shelves within your baby’s reach. No medicines, newspapers, makeup items, showpieces, coins, cleaners, detergents, knives, nail cutters, etc should be on a shelf which the baby can reach
8. Cover all electric plug points or install self-locking plug points
9. Remove anything that the child can climb onto and fall off. This is especially important in balconies and near windows in the house
10. Ensure there are no plants with thorns or poisonous leaves around. Babies can get hurt or eat the leaves, so take care

These steps can ensure that even when you leave your child home with a baby sitter or other childcare person, the child will be safe, even without your personal supervision.

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