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Safety Precautions To Be Taken With Helpers


Basic Safety Precaution you should take while dealing with helpers at home:

  • Don’t discuss personal or financial matters in presence of the helpers, be it your driver, maid, cook or babysitter for Safety Precautions
  • If you use a driver to travel to and from work, be careful not to talk about your colleagues, your salary, or company reports in the presence of your driver. It is common for drivers to gossip with other drivers and office staff when they have nothing else to do while waiting for you at office.
  • Never argue or fight in the presence of your helpers. You don’t want your bedroom stories to be circulated in the public domain.
  • Treat your helpers in a humane way, with respect. Many a times crimes are committed by servants just to get even with the employer who insulted them. Also, teach your children to treat them with respect.
  • Never leave your spare house keys where they can be picked up by anyone. Don’t leave the home keys in the car where the driver can easily find them.
  • Take the onus of keeping your valuables safe yourself. If you leave them lying around you are inviting people to steal them.
  • Do not allow any of the relatives or friends of your servant to visit your house.
  • Always provide your helper with your contact number, as well as the contact numbers of someone else the helper can call in case of an emergency. This will come handy in case you are not reachable.
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