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Red Herring Asia Top 100 awards for 2016

Helper4U winning Red herring Asia 100 Award 2016

“We have had 18 unicorns from the companies we have awarded over the last 20 years.”
When you hear that statement at a gathering of the companies shortlisted to present and compete for a renowned award. What else can you expect but proud swelling of the chest and stars in the eyes! That is exactly what happened when we arrived in Manila for the opening ceremony of the Red Herring Asia Top 100 awards for 2016.


Helper4U was one of the shortlisted private IT companies. The statement by Anam, who had coordinated the whole event. Just set the inspirational tone for us and the presentation underwent a final scrutiny and round of changes that night. We worked through the tiredness of the jet leg and the long travel from India to Manila. In the end it was worth it as we stepped on the stage to receive the coveted trophy from Alex Vieux.

The evaluation we have been told was on both quantitative and qualitative criteria. It includes financial performance, technological innovation and intellectual property, DNA of the founders, business model, customer footprint and market penetration. “The list is a valuable instrument of discovery and advocacy for the most promising new business models in Asia.” Wow!

Other Recognitions

This is our second big achievement in 11 months. The first was when we received the $250,000 award from Facebook. In recognition of the effort we were putting in to help migrants benefit from technology. That award helped us reach so far, remaining independent and bootstrapped. The Red Herring Asia Top 100 awards for 2016 will hopefully help us get the visibility and recognition needed to expand across India. Everyone tells us that the work we are doing is very challenging. In spite of our best efforts but such stops in the journey strengthen our belief that we are moving in the right direction. All we need is to persevere.

In the end, a big shout of thanks to everyone out there who has been supporting us in our work. Including those who have used our services to hire.

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