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Random acts of kindness

Some examples of Random Act of Kindness

1)  A Helping Hand

Waiting by the side of the road, for my husband to pick me up, I witnessed an amazing event at a distance. A really old lady was struggling to get down from the auto rickshaw. And, there was a young boy begging at the signal nearby. He saw the lady, as did many others like me, left his job (begging is also a job!) and came running to extend his hand to the lady. He helped the lady get down from the auto rickshaw, climb the pavement and then offered to help her walk a distance. As the lady thanked that boy, with a hand on his head, a bright smile lit up his young face and off he ran back to work. Truly, the disadvantaged can understand the difficulties of life better. The lady got a helping hand and the young boy a loving hand.

2) A Caring Kid

A kid hanging upside down from the monkey bar, trying to touch the ground. With only about two inches between the stretched finger and the ground, I could see the frustration on the face. Suddenly a kid about 4 years came up, pushed a small mound of earth under the stretched hand. The hanging kid broke into a smile, touched the ground and came back to the world the right side up.  Meanwhile the Helper too smiled shyly and just ran off and was busy in his own play. Not a single word exchanged between the two kids and yet an understanding of what the other was feeling. Imagine if we could all had this consciousness of the world around us!

3) Thankful Helper

A gentleman we had helped get a job as a driver came to meet us and offered us some money “out of his own happiness”. We emphasised that we do not charge anything for placement from Job Seekers. When after repeated attempts we refused to oblige, he gingerly took out a Mango bite from his pocket and offered it to me saying, “This you cannot refuse”. A look at his face and I knew I was on the right path with

My domestic help turned up on Eid last year, with a bowlful of sewai, made especially “to taste” for us with “less ghee and sugar” but lots of almonds. This was a “Thank you” from her side in return for the day off on Eid. Eid bonus that we had given her! And here I was thinking that I had given her only what was rightfully hers….


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