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Helper4U at AFI 2017
Action For India Annual Forum in Delhi

Earlier this week, Action For India organized, AFI’s 6th Annual Forum in Delhi. Helper4U was chosen as one of the Top 100 Social enterprises working in providing better livelihood options, to the Bottom of the economic pyramid. It was one of the most engaging, down to earth conferences I have attended.

A few very interesting takeaways, not necessarily linked to the Social Enterprise Ecosystem:

The ones we call unskilled are not really unskilled. After all, it requires great skill to pull a rickshaw or cook or even drive well.

Lack of clothes can be a big deterrent in life and have far-reaching effects. Imagine the difference in the confidence of a child with and without proper clothes. So, should we first aim for Free Education or for Proper Clothing for all?

Technology can be used not only to help do things better, but also to save yourself from useless critics as it provides total transparency. This is one reason for the bureaucrats turning to technology!

You may be “For-profit” or “Not for profit”, but happiness at the end of the day is all about positive cash flow.

It requires no special skill to spend money that someone else invests in you.

While everyone criticizes the middleman in every sector, very often they also help the reach of the worker. So, it would be ideal if we can find ways to work with them, in a win-win situation.

While our MPs would like to help entrepreneurs, their challenge is that if they recommend anyone. They can be blamed for being partial, or even worse making some gains! So, they cannot help much, even if they want to!

Why waste the time of those who made the effort to come in time for a session, by waiting for those who did not value time! One of the speakers, in fact, preponed his talk as the scheduled speaker chose to wait for the room to get full. And what an engaging session it turned out to be.

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