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These are some important Articles about How Helper4U is trying to Make an impact on lives of Unskilled or Semi-Skilled Helpers.

1) Ushering in a New Digital Era for Women in Technology

Women are entering a new era, an era where they will have a voice. Even more important aspect being that their voices will be heard.

A host of distinguished panelists also graced the occasion including Tarun Katial, CEO of ZEE5 India, Nikhil Arora, Managing Director and Vice President of GoDaddy, India, Meenakshi Jain, CEO of Helper4U

2) This Startup enables immediate and cost-effective hiring of helpers

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Today, many entrepreneurs bluster about their niches and their technology-based startups. While some entrepreneurs promulgate the virtues of entering into organized sectors. The excessive privileging of a few niches will prompt entrepreneurs like Meenakshi Gupta Jain to take the baby steps. They can explore the unexplored entrepreneurial niches and dominions. Endeavors that combine action and affection make an entrepreneur a walking magnet for attention. Meenakshi Gupta Jain, the founder of Helper4U, grabbed the attention for all the right reasons.

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3) Domestic Workers Reality

Untouchability was made illegal in India long back but it is practiced daily in many of our homes against our domestic workers. Ironically these are the “human beings” who cook for us, clean our private spaces and even carry and feed our children. But Some consider them unclean when it comes to using our teacups, plates or even toilets! The reality of our domestic workers brought out in simple words in this article.

An employment contract like in other jobs can be looked at for the mutual benefit of both parties. More about this here.

Trust plays an important role in helping retention of helpers, read about trusting them in order to retain them here

4) Meenakshi wants Helper4U to be the for semi-skilled

Her first tryst with entrepreneurship began five years ago when she and her family moved to Mumbai from Delhi. “While we were in Delhi, my younger daughter used to take classes for keyboard and my husband was into learning tabla. When we moved to Mumbai, we knew no one at all here and finding a teacher for both of them proved to be a difficult task.” Read more

5)TechnoServe Business Accelerator Program

In August 2015, the Business Accelerator program launched by TechnoServe chose  Mrs. Meenakshi Gupta Jain as one of the 20 women entrepreneurs in Mumbai.

The program was aimed at empowering women entrepreneurs and was run with the support of the Blackstone Charitable Foundation. The program includes training at SP Jain College for 2 months. it also includes business advisory support and mentoring on a day-to-day basis for approximately nine months.


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