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Media Mentions about Helper4U (Part2)

These are some  important Articles about Problems Faced by Domestic Helpers & How Helper4U is  trying to Make an impact on their lives.

1) NASSCOM 10,000 Startups & Facebook Announce Winners for 2nd Edition of CFNB

Helper4U part of CFNB 2017

Top 10 Startups from CFNB 2017

NASSCOM 10,000 Startups today announced the top 10 startUps for the second edition of Code for the Next Billion program. Haqdarshak, Eye-D, Bodhi Health Education, TheTeacherApp, JioVio Healthcare, KrishiHub, PublicVibe, Right2Vote, ChainFrame.

Helper4U is also among the top 10 emerging startups that are now the part of ‘Code for the Next billion’.

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2) These 10 startups from Code for the Next Billion’s 2nd edition

The Code for the Next Billion programme is a result of joint initiative by Facebook and NASSCOM 10,000 Startups, was launched in 2015 with this very aim in mind: to nurture social impact startups that are creating digital innovations for the betterment of society using technological innovations that don’t cater only to digital natives.

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3) Are Maids an Invaluable Part of NRI Household?

“Domestic help can never be treated like family members, irrespective of what people may claim,” says Meenakshi Gupta Jain, the CEO of Helper4u, a Mumbai-based maid service agency.

“The nature of their work makes them different than the other members of the family. Most homes do not allow them to sit on chairs, use their toilets, share meals or give them time off, or allow them to pursue their hobbies or studies. So, how are they like family?”

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4) Businesses go aggressive on sales this festive season- TOI, Delhi

According to Meenakshi Gupta Jain, CEO of Helper4U, unless the bottom of the economic pyramid is taken along, it will probably pull down anyone attempting to rise.

“Today there seems to be a lot of a focus on meeting aspirations of the bottom of the pyramid. The time is also ripe for social entrepreneurs, as an ecosystem is developing to support them with accelerators and funds willing to invest in them,“ she explains.

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