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Male Cooks & Helpers Gaining Foothold In Metros

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With changing life styles across cities, the requirements of helpers are also changing not only metros like Delhi, Mumbai and Pune but also in small towns like Patiala, Morbi, Rajkot. We have noticed an interesting trend in lately. There have been increasing number of demands for male cooks and maids across cities  The demands come from all quarters: Restaurants, fast food centers, company guest houses, bachelors living alone, aspiring actors or body builders who want a cook to travel with them as a companion, and sometimes even families who have a male child.

Reasons for preferring a male domestic helper vary:

1. Increasingly, even married men are living alone in metros. These married men, or bachelors living alone or actors requiring a travel companion obviously are trying to avoid any possibility of an uncomplimentary situation or accusation just because there is no female around. A male in the house is a safer option. Also, it is difficult for them to find a female to stay in their homes, especially when the homes do not have a separate living room for the “maid”.

2. Male cooks and maids can also double up as supervisors for a guest house. It is safer to employ a male as often there are no residents. which have a lot of outflow and inflow to and from the guest house. And there are many guest houses in in small and big towns requiring such male supervisor cum cooks.

3. Male cooks and cleaners can also work as handy man or Jeeves for the family, at times taking care of outdoor assignments too, something which a woman helper does not normally do. These kind of helpers are in great demand especially across small towns.

4. Often, if there is a young male child at home, and both parents are working for a living, having a male helper gives a comfort of safety when the parents are not home. If the helper can drive a two wheeler or car it is an added advantage. The person can drive around the child to school, classes, friends etc.

Today, having an online database like makes it easier for Job Givers to look at available candidates who may not be local, but are ready to travel. It is a win win for the job seeker and the giver. Often the employer even makes travel arrangements by car or even flight to transport their helpers to their towns.

Small town are emerging clear front runners in terms of using online apps to hire as needed, and often with better living conditions on offer.

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