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Making life comfortable for parents of NRIs

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Even if you are away, you can make life comfortable for your parents

Worrying about making life comfortable for our parents is something that we all will do at some point or the other, especially if we are far from them. Parents of NRIs constantly worry for the safety and wellness of their children in a far away land.  But, they are not alone. NRIs also want to make the life of their parents comfortable.  They are always worried about the health & the well-being of their aged parents who are all alone in India.  As most NRIs would agree, getting their parents to relocate abroad is not always desirable or possible. Most parents  prefer to stay in India in their own homes, living independently until they can. All they have a social life here and some sense of familiarity where they have lived all their lives.  It is really too much to expect them to start their life in a different country at their age. So, how can NRI’s make life more comfortable for their parents in India?

The fact remains that children are worried about their parents & want to make their lives as comfortable as their own. Here are some of the problems faced by the ageing parents when their children go abroad & also solutions to them.

Quality and Regular Health Care

Medical checkup for parents

Regular and in time medical checkup is very important for parents

The biggest worry for the children is how to ensure good medical care when needed.  To help overcome this,  you should ensure that your parents live near a medical care center, clinic or hospital. A health care service or hospital located close to their homes would ensure speedy treatment should an emergency arise.  You can also schedule a regular, monthly thorough assessment by a physician. These can happen at home too. There are many hospitals, as well as online services who send doctors, sample collection staff home.   These physicians also provide detailed reports on the health and other issues of the elderly to their children abroad.  There are many Health Care providers in India like Care24 & Portea.
If your parents are unhealthy and need daily care then Care24 can be very helpful as they provide professional care from trained caregivers that help the patient recover at home. Similarly, if your parents can’t even visit hospital for checkup then Portea can be very helpful as they provide doctors, nurses, and physiotherapists for home visits who have passed extremely thorough hiring standards and have had their backgrounds and medical knowledge verified by senior doctors.

Provision for in-house nurses for ailing seniors is easy now. You can find and interview these professionals online on websites like

Make sure the phone numbers for medical service providers, hospitals near home are all saved in their as well as your phones.

Living with other similar age group

Senior citizens playing

Being with others’ their age keeps the elderly happy and active

You also need to make sure your parents have the best surroundings and they are living in a happy background where they can live with independence and with people in a similar age bracket.  There are many upmarket senior citizen homes, retirement facilities as well as old age homes now available in India, which provide not only independence but also the company of similar people to your parents. Similarly, many gated societies in metros have active senior citizen groups. Make sure your parents live in a place where they get ample opportunities to interact with other senior citizens. This is good for their physical as well as mental health.

Feeling of Self Reliance and Dignity

Senior citizen on a walk

Someone to take care of their day-to-day needs can help them feel independent without having to bother the children

One thing everyone dislikes is the feeling of being dependent on someone, especially the children. There is nothing more important for parents than being self-reliant and living their golden years. This will give them a reason to live with dignity and respect. With age simple chores and mundane errands like going to the bank, standing in queue for a gas cylinder or paying a bill to become a challenge, but parents do not want to complain to their children about this.  Then there are the daily chores of cleaning, cooking, laundry, home maintenance, etc which have to be taken care of. Finding a suitable helper for your daily tasks can be a very difficult task for your parents on their own. You can help them do so. There are online options now available to help you enable the hiring, whereever you may be in the world.

Helper for daily chores

Hire someone for these daily duties. In addition to doing the daily chores, this person will also provide some company to your parents. Additionally, God forbid something wrong happens to your parents, this person will be able to inform you on time, since they meet your parents on a daily basis. So, hire a healthy, trustworthy Helper, and feed your number in their phones to communicate with you. If they have WhatsApp, connect with them on WhatsApp.  So, even if your parents do not want to bother you with their problems. this person can give you honest updates.

Now you can find verified Helpers even if you are not present in India. There are job portals like Helper4U that allow you to connect directly with Maids, Cooks, Nannies, Drivers as well as Caregivers.  You can select a local Helper for your parents while still being in whichever part of the world you are in, interview them on mobile, and WhatsApp and send home to your parents. The process is quite simple: just select helpers using your search criteria, check their availability and connect directly.

Find a portal where Helpers are Aadhar verified and which gives you the option of Document, Address & Background verification Checks on your Helper for your piece of mind.

If your parents have already hired someone make sure to verify the Helper. Again, verification is provided by many online portals.  So you can initiate Online Hiring of the helper for your parents that suits them well as per their need from anywhere in the world.

Financial Security

Money for retirement

Ensure that you have ways to help them access money whenever they need it

Make sure your parents have enough standby money for any emergency situation or treatment in your absence of children. Get them a supplementary credit card linked to yours,  which they can use in an emergency. Ensure medical insurance with cashless facility for them.

Add them to your bank account for money transfer so that in an emergency you do not have to wait for bank authorization.

Payment of bills (mobile, grocery, newspaper, etc), taxes and other recurring expenses, can now be easily done online. Infact, you can even order grocery, medicines, movie tickets, and food for them, online, from anywhere in the world.  All this will ensure that your parents get the same kind of lifestyle that you are getting.

And, last but not the least, know their neighbors, have their contact details and share yours with them. With these steps, you may get a lot of peace even when you are “across the seven seas” from your parents.

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