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Helper4U has been regularly getting inquiries from Helpers looking to get work outside India. Many of them have worked abroad before. Some of them are ready to go out for the first time in their lives. These include women looking for jobs of domestic helpers, baby sitters, elder care professionals, as well as drivers and cooks. We wondered that while most of the Helpers we interact with are hesitant to travel even a distance within the city. Then what motivates the others to leave the security of their homes, cities, and even country. The reason we found it was not the glamour of traveling abroad, as is for most of the educated workforce.

Exploitation of helpers

The exploitation increase due to the lack of regulations, and their implementation for domestic helpers. They are often not even treated as workers in the strictest sense of the word. This reflects how lack of education can affect the quality of life over and over again, in different ways. Most of the domestic workers in India are uneducated women, unaware of their rights. Not only are the wages in countries like the Middle East, Latin America, South America Singapore, Hong Kong etc are higher than in India. These countries also have checks in place to ensure prevention of exploitation. So, most of the Domestic Helpers who have worked abroad have good things to say about their stay (for work) abroad.


The biggest challenge these candidates mentioned in getting a good job abroad was that they have no way to reach employers without a middleman. Most of the times, these candidates have no way of even connecting directly with the employer and check out the credentials. They are forced to depend upon the word of the intermediary in the whole process.

We have therefore started listing these Helpers under the “Outside India” segment. Hopefully the candidates will be able to reach employers across the globe. They can  get good employment, as per their requirements, without the need for any middlemen.

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