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Training session with domestic helpers

Helper4U Team training Domestic helpers

Thank you to all our customers and job seekers for using & staying with Helper4U in 2018. There was a lot we were able to accomplish, especially the experiences with not only the Helpers but the employers too, whose life we touched and improved through Helper4U. We are planning forward our 2019 with great excitement. 

Our 2018

In 2018 one major problem we heard from both employers and job seekers was the absence of a long-term relationship. We found most home owners complaining that they are unable to retain a helper for a long time. Almost every customer wanted to know the replacement policy we had at Helper4U since they felt, given their past experiences with maids, they would most probably need a replacement as early as 2 months. Infact this made us offer a nearly no questions asked Replacement Policy when people hire ABCDE: Aya, Bai, Cook, Driver and everyone similar through our online service.

Second thing which kept coming back to us was: Help me find a Good Maid.

Now, what exactly is a Good Maid? “Good” is relative and what one terms good may be bad for another. We realised that often employers send away a potentially fantastic staff due to poor management and training. Once we realised that employers needed help with the hiring, we started offering hiring advocacy and post hiring training services as a pilot. It has worked well and offers great opportunity for everyone. We now conduct customised training services for home as well as office Helpers as a regular offering.

Target for 2019

In 2019, Helper4U will be focusing on helping you get the best out of your Helpers or employees.

We would like to hear your suggestion on the biggest management issue that you face with your domestic staff, so that we can also discuss solutions here.

If you need to hire Domestic or Office Helpers just start your search here and hire verified helpers in a cost effective, safe way.

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