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Interview Questions for Hiring Domestic or Office Helpers

Interview Questions for Hiring Helpers

Interview Well to Hire Well

Interview questions help you gain the truth, usually immediately rather than later. If hiring through an agency, question the Helper privately, without the agent present. This is important to ensure you get genuine, correct responses. Many issues can be nipped in the bud if we ask the right questions. So, don’t hesitate in asking as many questions as you can.

If you are hiring through an online platform than this is of no issue . Complete control over hiring is in your hands.

interview Questions for Hiring Helpers online

Interview Questions for Hiring Domestic or Office Helpers

When we onboard an Helper into our portal, we ask many questions, Similarly, when we help customers interview Helpers as a service, we ask many more questions to ensure the right hiring. Below are some of the questions we ask during onboarding and as employers you should also ask, for reason. Reasons why we consider these questions important are given alongside the questions. The questions are related to 2 wide categories: personal questions and employment-related questions.

Personal Questions:

  1. What is your full name as per your official identification

    : We at Helper4U take the name on Aadhar Card as we use Aadhar card for verification purposes. The purpose of this question is to have full information on the person in the case of any mishappening. You should know the name by which the person can be traced. If possible, check their identification at the time of interview itself.

  2. What is your age

    : This is important since you may want a younger, energetic person or an older, more supervisory sort of a person. Age will also tell you for how long the person will be able to do the work you want them to do, and, what will be the roles and responsibilities of the person. This question will also help you ensure that you do not hire an underage person. Also, you will have an idea if the person will soon decide to get married, or have children. All these will help you make the right hiring decision.

  3. Are you married

    : This will tell you what kind of responsibilities the person has at home? If married and with kids, the person may need time to take care of responsibilities at home, like dropping the child to school, picking them up. You may need to factor in for sickness of the child and other similar things and occurrences. It will also tell you if the person you are hiring as a nanny is experienced in taking care of a child or not. For a livein Helper that is an indication that the Helper will be looking to take leaves to go see family more often than one who is not married.

  4. How educated are you

    : This question will tell you whether the person can read and write or not. Will the Helper be able to handle messages, notes, and written instructions or not. If you are hiring a cook, then will the person be able to read the labels or not. If hiring a nanny then will she is able to read stories to the child or not, or maybe play with the child, or help the child in homework. Similarly, a patient care person should know how to read medicine names, their expiry etc.

  5. Who is the contact person in case of any emergency involving him/her: This will not only help you be prepared in case of an emergency, but also tell you about her background. For example, is she/he giving you the name and details of a family member of a friend? Having this person’s number will also come handy in case the helper needs to be traced.
  6. Is there any medical condition that the Helper has: You should know these to know if there are going to be too many days off. Probe the person about this. Many women workers I have known take at least 2 days off during mensuration cramps. You could help them with some medicines that they are unaware of and enable them to continue working better. Also, if you know the medication they are on, then in case of an emergency you can help your helpers.
interview Questions for Hiring Domestic or Office Helpers

Questions before hiring Domestic maid

Employment-related questions:

  1. How long has the Helper been working: Do ask how long & where the employment has been, as well as why the employment was terminated/finished. Also, ask about the roles and responsibilities in the previous employment. This will help you understand how well the person will be able to complete the duties that you want to assign to them. The length of time the Helper spent on previous employments will let you gauge if he/she can be relied upon for long employment.
  2. Who was his/her boss? Let the helper describe the previous boss. This will tell you about the kind of work he/she has done, as well as whether they talk about the previous employer with respect or not. This will give you an insight into their personality.
  3. Has the Helper had any training? If yes, did he/she complete it: Has the candidate had any kind of training? This question will give you information about the capability of the person. As well as whether the person completes the job he/she starts.

You can obviously ask many more questions. And, it is not too tough. Just make a job description or JD for the person. Then frame questions that will help you gauge if the candidate can fulfill that JD.

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