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How to increase productivity to create Me-Time

create some Me time
Creating Me-Time

How to make time for yourself and get some “Me Time”? Million-dollar question you may say.  Today life is so hectic that if we think of taking out some “Me Time” we end up feeling guilty about not giving enough time to our duties.

Also, we often wonder how we can be more productive and do much more in the time available to us.  This is important because if we are productive we can easily increase the Me Time. Click this article to read the best ways to increase productivity.

One thing which you should look to outsource to make time for yourself and your family is cooking. Easier said than done? Don’t worry and read on.
While creating our self-service platform for hiring of cooks we researched the reasons why people hire a cook, as well as why they resist hiring a cook.

Many customers who have used Helper4U to hire maids, nannies, drivers across Mumbai, Delhi NCR, Pune and other metros in India, responded to our survey.

The main reasons for not hiring a cook were:

• I love cooking, even though I hate spending time in the kitchen preparing for cooking
• Am worried that the cook will not be able to cook healthy meals
• Cannot hire a cook as I feel they may have hygiene issues
• I want to hire a cook but their methods of cooking are totally unhealthy and different from what we are used to
• I cannot fit a cook’s visit into my schedule
• It is difficult to find a cook
• I would hire a cook who can cook pastas, sandwich etc too. But these cooks will be very costly.

Suggestions to Overcome the above issues:

Alongside also came some suggestions to bypass these issues.
• When you hire a cook, do spend some time to train the cook in your ways. It pays in the long run
• Hire a cook who can do every day cooking. Teach her/him some of the dishes your family likes. They are usually eager to learn
• Hire a cook or domestic helper to work as a kitchen helper, like the chefs in a restaurant. Get them to wash, clean and chop the vegetables. This way you will still get the pleasure of cooking and have control over the taste and nutrition, while saving time on what is usually the most time consuming and yet boring part of cooking
• Hire a cook for weekends. Use her/him to clean and chop the veggies, prepare pastes, chutneys, sauces, salads etc which can be frozen for use during the week
• Use an online service like Helper4U to find verified cooks in your location and connect with them directly on their phone

Hire Domestic Cook/Chef on Helper4U

                                                    Hire Maid-Cook-Nanny to create Me Time

Think about this: Even if you save an hour daily you would have gained 30 hours in a month! So, think about getting some help to do your daily chores.  Read this blog to understand tips to hire a domestic helper.

In the same survey, we also got some suggestions on things to remember while hiring a cook. Tips to hire a cook for home can be read here.

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