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One of the most difficult decisions that we make as parents involves childcare Babysitter. Choosing the right person to entrust your children to is a task that cannot be taken lightly. However, once made, the right choice brings comfort and reassurance each time you must be away from your little ones. Knowing that your children are well cared for means that you are free to work or enjoy special events without guilt or concern for their welfare.

A qualified nanny must be mature, smart, and have a good rapport with your children. Finding a person with these qualifications can be done through word of mouth recommendations, babysitter services, or community directories.

Once you have selected some nannys for consideration, perform an interview and reference checks. While a reference check may seem unreasonably formal, remember this person will have responsibility of your children. With pre-prepared questions, your interviews and reference checks can be completed quickly and easily.

After settling on the nanny of choice, always have them take charge of your children for some time in your presence. This help the babysitter and the child get comfortable with each other. It also ensures that you are able to train the babysitter properly.

Training on the job

Provide your babysitter with the following information before you let her take over :

  • Schedule: What time should meals be served. When does the child go to bed, or to play. Include all important routines.
  • Rules: Make sure your babysitter is aware of boundaries for TV, telephone use, video games, outdoor play or junk food.
  • Contact: Leave clear instructions for how to reach you, where you will be, at least one more emergency contact, and hospital or your doctor’s numbers.Put them up where they will be easily visible.
  • Directions: If your children have medications, allergies, or other special conditions, educate your babysitter on how to deal with these circumstances.
  • Any specific instructions for cooking

In addition to the directions above, educate the babysitter about the following :

1. Children are not to be left unattended under any circumstances, especially in the vicinity of water.
2. Children should be kept from dangerous household areas and objects, including stairs, stovetops, and electrical outlets.

After the first few hours that the babysitter spends with the child, take the time to discuss with her how things went for her. Ask her if she is facing any issues, or would like any help in any area. Give her your feedback too and advice if needed. Discuss any concerns you may have. Working out any issues that revealed themselves in the first visit will save each of you stress and frustration in the future.

Ask them if they like the babysitter, and if not why. Ask also what they liked. Get the specifics and give that feedback also to the babysitter.

Throughout the process ensure that you treat the babysitter with respect due to anyone who looks after your child.
By keeping all channels of communication open, you can ensure that you have a long, happy relationship with your new, reliable caregiver. helps you find part-time and full-time babysitters available for hire in Mumbai and Pune. Do browse our listings if you need a babysitter today!

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