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Need a Personal Driver – How do I hire?

Need a Personal Driver

Hire personal verified Driver

Need a Personal Driver – How do I hire?

Need a Personal Driver. Have you been planning to hire a personal driver for some time? Are you feeling stressed out about how to hire a personal driver the best way, since you have never hired one before Helper4U can help you with information and tips on how to hire the right driver to ensure he/she can take care of your needs in the right way?

Why do you want a personal driver

The first thing to understand is why do you need a personal driver? Is it that you cannot drive, or have to drive around too much, or work very far away and so need a driver or need someone to drive around your family. Often you may have a driver’s license but driving yourself to various places is not always convenient, easy, or safe. There may be parking issues many times when you drive yourself. Having a driver takes care of that problem. You may have just one car which has to be used by the whole family, including driving children to and back from school, to their extracurricular activities and so on. You may want a driver to catch up on your emails or sleep or reading while you are being driven around. This is especially useful if your office is very far from home.

How does it matter what my reason for hiring is

Now, you may ask, how does it make a difference why you want to hire a driver. It surely does. When you are hiring for your family, especially children, you should look at slighter older and more responsible drivers who have a family of their own. This will ensure the safety of the children in all ways. The driver will also drive more responsibly, even in the absence of a grown-up.

If you are hiring for yourself, and you keep odd hours or travel a lot, then a younger person may be more suitable as he/she would have more energy, as well as knowledge of using Google Maps, etc in case you are going to a new place.

Create a Personal Driver’s Job Description

Based on the above, create a job Description or JD for the driver.

Need a Personal Driver

hire Verified Personal Driver from Helper4u

While the driver’s most obvious responsibility is driving, s/he can do a whole lot more than just drive. The driver will also, obviously, clean the car and keep the car well maintained. S/he will be responsible for getting the car repaired and serviced. Sometimes drivers refuse to clean the car after being hired, so put it in the JD.                 A personal driver also assists people in and out of the car, run small errands like buying grocery, dropping of clothes at a dry cleaner etc, carrying lunch boxes, luggage, briefcase for office, etc. The candidate should be informed about this in advance.  You can share the following mobile-based video with your driver to teach him/her how to clean a car well.

Select and Interview Drivers

Like any other hiring, interviewing well is very important when you hire a

driver. After all you will leave your family in the hands of the driver at times. Also, you will trust the driver to drive your car while you are on a call or sleeping n the backseat. Depending upon the JD, your driver will need to have certain hygiene practices, skills, and experience.

Hygiene becomes very important as you will both be spending a lot of time in the same enclosed space. So, it is important to ask the right questions before making a hiring decision. Here are some of the key questions to ask potential private driver candidates. These are in

Need a Personal Driver

addition to any role-specific questions you may ask the person applying for the driver’s job.

Some Important Interview Questions

  • Who all are there in your family?
  • Where have you worked earlier? Why did you leave that job? Can you give me the contact person to do a reference check?
  • Have you ever been fined while driving? If yes, for what?

You do not want to be paying fines because your driver is a habitual offender

  • Is your license valid? How long have you had a driver’s license?

Someone whose license is not valid though they are earning their living by driving cannot be trusted with the responsibility

  • Do you know the city well? Can you use Google Maps?
  • How often were you late in your previous job? Why?
  • Will you be able to come on my required timings?
  • How often will you need to take time off and do you think you can inform about leaves in advance?:

You don’t want to be in a situation where you get to know of the leave at the last minute

  • What do you do if you get a call while driving?:

A driver should ideally keep the phone on silent while driving

  • Do you smoke or drink?:

Smokers can fill the car with bad odor and people used to drinking may not be trustworthy drivers

  • Do you take a bath daily or not?

After all, you don’t want a smelly driver

Some more questions

  • What do you do when you are on duty but not driving?

You should also find out what the person does when he is not driving and waiting for you: Spending time on cleaning the car, Reading a newspaper, reading a book, listening to the news, watching TikTok, playing cards, or gossiping with others. This will give you an insight into the sincerity of the driver. It will also help you find a driver whose company you may enjoy in the long run. This is important as you may be spending more time with the driver than with your children or spouse..

  • What is your education?

Since you’ll likely spend a good amount of time with your driver, you should also be sure about the personality of the driver. Getting a slightly educated driver will mean that you can have some conversations with the person.

Do a Trial run with the driver you want to hire

It is also recommended to ensure that potential private driver candidate follows rules while driving, and is full of etiquette during the whole time. So, drive around with the person for a few times. You will get to know about his/her personality, driving skills, habits as well as knowledge of traffic rules as well as upkeep of the car.

Last but not least, verify your Driver for Criminal Background Check as well as his Address. If you hire from a trusted platform like, the verification is taken care of by their team, and you can just concentrate on hiring. If you are ready to hire a person as your driver, make sure to get a written contract in place. You can download a copy of the contract here. Also, here is one more mobile-based training you may share with your driver.