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In the past few months, Helper4u has been getting more requests for home care for the elderly as well as patients. The trend of home care services is only increasing. The reason for this increasing demand is many. Today most households are a double income entity. So there is usually no one at home to spend time with the elderly. Often children are away from parents and that means parents are alone through the day. Again, if there is someone at home, there are multiple things to be taken care of which may require that the elderly must be left alone, or other tasks are compromised upon.

I know of a family where the lady of the house leaves home only in the morning for a walk at 6.30 am when her husband is home. Then she is home throughout the day as there is her elderly mother to be taken care of. No social life, no going out for shopping or anything similar. She has become totally homebound. This can become a very frustrating situation for the caregiver as well as the elderly who starts feeling guilty for being a burden on the younger members. If only she would hire someone for elderly care!

Getting professional home care for the elderly can have many advantages. From companionship for the elderly to ensure the family members’ peace of mind since. There is always someone around to look after their elderly, give them medication reminders and assist them in daily chores. As well as assist you in their meal preparation etc. This can, in turn, have a positive impact on the elderly as well as the caregiver, take away frustrations from both sides, and ultimately led to better relations among everyone.


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Some people may question why to choose Home Care and not a Nursing Home. The reasons are many:

Home care is more affordable and cost-effective :

This is even truer when you can find trained, verified, experienced home care professionals online on websites like without having to pay any commission to anyone on the hiring.

The home environment is more comforting:

In addition, being in known surroundings, among family members ensures more comfort for the elderly, without disturbing their routine. This helps keep them happier, and ultimately healthier. Research has also shown that being in home surroundings can help older adults heal better and faster. Moving into a nursing home also means loss of independence for some. The home setting is the least disruptive for the elderly as they can remain engaged in their daily activities, community, family, and friends, without any restrictions of visiting hours. Homestay therefore also improves family bonding, restricted visiting hours.

Home care service offers more personalized, one-on-one care:

Since the Caregivers at home have only one person to take care of, your elderly will get complete attention for all their needs. More personal care means more comfort and faster recovery.

You should give serious thought to hiring a home eldercare staff. With responsibilities including kids, jobs and social life you should think of hiring a full-time caregiver, without any guilt. Remember, hiring a caregiver does not mean you are being selfish and do not want to devote time to your elderly. On the contrary, it means but you are taking the best care of all your responsibilities.

Click Here to check out a mobile-based training on how to correctly feed the elderly. You can share this with your home caregivers.

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