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Mumbai’s traffic congested roads need a skillful driver with abundant patience and the right driving skills. Finding someone responsible enough to drive your car in the city of Mumbai is a tough job. Hiring & retaining drivers is cumbersome for most employers.

Here are some tips for hiring & retaining drivers:

1. Do a background check:

Meeting an individual for a five-minute interview cannot determine the trust factor. It is essential for you to do a background check on the individual:
• Ask for identity proof like Aadhar card, PAN card or any other address proof
• Check with references to know their driving history
• Gauge temperament and level of patience
We can help you with the background checks also. Contact us for more details. You can also verify the driving license online here. Verification ensures better chances for hiring & retaining drivers.

3. Test driving skills:

A driver’s job in Mumbai has less to do with his speeding capabilities and more about keeping his cool in traffic. For example, a regular driver in Powai would need to keep patience and his temperament in check considering the choc-a-bloc traffic he has to deal with every day. Go on a test drive before you hire anyone. Also check during the drive his/her respect for the traffic rules, as you don’t want any issues with the traffic police when your family is being driven around. An important thing to check is parking skills and the ability to back the car safely.

4. Check knowledge of the vehicle:

The driver must have the basic knowledge of the vehicle he has to drive in case of a breakdown. Also, he should know how to routinely check on the oil, petrol/diesel consumption and keep the car in mint condition. You can also give some training using the mobile training available from

Now that we have the tips on hiring a driver, let’s also understand how to retain him.
1. Be human: Do not make him work for long hours every day, every day just because you pay him. Be reasonable. Driving is a tedious job, and drivers tend to get irritated, quickly and turn to rash driving after being stuck in a traffic jam for hours.

2. Reward: While monetary incentives go a long way, appreciation can also keep their morale high. You can, for example, appreciate good driving and safe driving.

3. Communicate: Communicating with the driver and understanding his needs and concerns are important. Just talking with them will make them realize that you are a caring employer. Additionally, if you can solve their concerns that would be great.

While the tips above have been written with an emphasis on hiring & retaining drivers in Mumbai, they can really apply to hire drivers anywhere in India. The above tips will definitely come in use when hiring drivers in Delhi, Bangalore, Calcutta, Ahmedabad, Jaipur, Chennai or any other Indian city – especially those that are congested with traffic.

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Here are some referral videos for you & your driver.

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