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Whether you are a new startup, or a funded company, or a big business, you will be thinking about Hiring Office Support Staff at some time. This is because you would like to have a clean place, where everything is in place, well maintained, clean and accessible. But, it is equally true that managing your day-to-day cleaning and maintenance is not something you will have time to focus on. That is why it is important to hire office support staff to take care of these tasks. These can be part-time or full-time housekeeping staff or office boys.

Often, we fail to differentiate between the two and end up hiring a person with a particular role but different expectations.

Let us understand what does each job profile entail:

Hire Housekeeper from Helper4U

Housekeeping Staff duty is clean office

A Housekeeper is mainly responsible for day to day routine cleaning: mopping, dusting, cleaning of the washroom, kitchen, windows, furniture, walls etc. A Housekeeper will also empty trash cans, take out the garbage, replace supplies such as towels and toilet paper, water the plants clean utensils etc. S/he must clean all areas and wash windows etc as needed. They can be assigned the duty to clean sinks, toilets, shelves, stoves, refrigerators, and appliances. This kind of role lends itself well to a part-timer. If you are hiring a part-timer, ensure that they clean the office before your other staff arrives. So. No one will waste time standing around, waiting for the office to be cleaned.

experienced and verified peon for office

Office Staff

On the other hand, an Office boy or a peon is like a junior administrative assistant in a business office environment. The office boy can do basic work like greeting the visitors, informing the concerned person of the visitor, making tea, serving water and tea. The office boy can also be responsible for supervising the housekeeping staff.

experienced and verified Telecaller/ Office boy


In a small office, the office boy can also be made responsible for answering calls and routing them to the desired extension. The office boy can also be responsible for ensuring transport for the visitors or staff is on time.

An office boy can also be trained to organize and maintain records. S/he can be responsible for working on a photocopier, taking printouts, maintaining the visitors’ register, depositing cheques, withdrawing cash, delivering small parcels, and other similar tasks.


Let us now look at the qualifications needed for the two. While a housekeeping staff can be totally uneducated or illiterate. It is advisable to hire someone with basic literacy skills as an office boy. Knowledge of English would also be an added advantage.

But, whether you are hiring an office boy or a housekeeper. You should ensure that you hire people who also take care of their behavior and appearance. A shabby looking staff will leave a bad impression on any visitor and may put off even your regular workers. Politeness, cleanliness, honesty, timeliness, responsibility, are the basic qualities needed for all jobs. This will improve the image and reputation of your office and also make the environment happy.

If you have an HR department, they should hold an induction session for even the Housekeeping staff and Office boys. During the sessions, they can be told about the values of your organization. Their responsibilities, dos and don’ts, and some tips and tricks to manage time.

Training Videos
Training videos available on Helper4u

Training Videos

There are some online training also available which they can watch. One such place where you can download soft skills trainings for blue-collared staff in Hindi is Helper4U.

In addition, it also helps if you introduce them to everyone in the office, maybe during a get-together or meeting. This will make them feel valued, & will also encourage them to stay honest and responsible, as they would know that everyone in the office knows them.

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