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Whether you are looking to hire a Part time, Full time or Live-in Maid, you have the same hiring options:
  1. Referrals from neighbours or security guards or other maids: If you have the time, this can be a good option
  2. Placement Agencies: Works well if you are ready to spend money, as they will charge
  • Registration fees
  • A month’s salary
  • A percentage of monthly salary
  • Renewal after 11 months
Hire Helpers online on Helper4U
  1. Online Data Base services : These are cost and time effective. You can hire on your time and terms without a middleman.  The way it works is that you select helpers, call them directly, interview them, and hire them if you like. You pay the portal only a mall fees to get connected with verified candidates. Portals like are very popular in US and Europe, and are now available in India too (Eg.: But, you should make sure the data is live, updated and of real people with working phone numbers. So, look for a database which shows you pictures of candidates and/or has the aadhar verified them, and has a simple replacement/refund policy. Also, important is to look for a portal where profiles are updated constantly and which make it easy for you to contact the Helpers directly. 
Whichever option you choose, your hiring should follow some basic practices:
  1. List all the job and chores: What do you want the person to do? These can include Mopping, Utensils, Laundry, Grocery shopping, Cooking, Child care, Elder care, Dusting, Toilet cleaning, Watering plants, Ironing clothes, and whatever else that will need to be done.
  2. List personal attributes you are looking for in the candidate: List all the qualities you want candidate to have, in order of priority for you.
  3. Always interview before hiring: Listen to your gut feeling and do not hire if you don’t get good vibes. You need to be comfortable with the person who is going to be around in your house all the time.
  4. Ask for referrals: Especially if the person is experienced, you should call the past employer to check on the reason of change in employment
  5. Sign a contract with the Helper: If you are ready to hire a person, create a contract listing the duties and responsibilities of both sides. This will serve as a ready reckoner in case of an argument or if you ever need to fire the Helper.

If you use the personalised hiring service of Helper4U, the team will take care of all the above and help you hire a Maid, Cook, Nanny or multi tasker.

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