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Hiring A Beautician For Your D-Day

bridal beautician in mumbai & pune

It’s that time of your life – you’re just about to step over the precipice of what has so far been your entire world as you know it, Reawaken to a whole new chapter with the man of your dreams. It’s your day and you need to look your best. Your trousseau is set, but what about your wedding make up? Your wedding make-up is of utmost importance because you are going to be in nearly every single photograph clicked on this grand occasion. Hence, you must find and hire a Beautician who will be able to execute on the level you deserve.

Bookings and Contracts

First, determine what information the beautician needs to slot you in. Sometimes the deposit amount will be nominal, but most ask for 25 – 50% of the total package upfront. And be sure to get it all in writing, with receipts for each payment.


Just as in any profession, makeup artists can ‘specialize’ in a number of areas. Artists that work with brides exclusively might understand their needs better than an artist. Who works with runway models, or on print advertising. In addition to providing beautiful makeup as per your liking, a bridal artist must be mobile, and be able to work with unpredictable lighting and space in various settings.

A Portfolio

The portfolio will give you a good indication of versatility and style. Are all the portraits styled the same, or has she brought out the best in each face and styled them with individuality? Will she follow your style requests and welcome input from you and your bridal party? After all, this day is about you.

Website or Blog

This is a good indication of the artist’s level of professionalism and dedication to her career. You will probably gain your first impression of the artist from online media, and so it should be informative, complete and current.


Ask about packages that fit the size of your bridal party or a rate reduction is offered after a certain number of people. Also ask what’s included in that rate, such as products for touch-ups or length of time spent by her at the venue.


If you have a large bridal party, this will be a very important question to ask. Most artists will need a minimum of 30 minutes with each bridesmaid, and as much as an hour with the bride. Make sure you carefully plan enough time on the wedding day so that preparations are not rushed.

Brands and Products

The beautician’s jobis not only to make you look pretty but also ensure that your skin doesn’t get irritated by using cheap, low-quality products. Ensure that they only use great brands and products on your big day.

The Time Factor

This is another reason that the choice of products is so important. Professional products last and retain their effects for far longer than generic products. Many makeup artists will also provide products for touch-ups at their cost or include it in their bouquet of services.

Hire a beautician to look your best on your wedding day. After all, those memories cannot be replicated on any other day. is a portal where you can search for beauticians in Mumbai and beauticians in Pune, and get their profiles at your fingertips. You can choose a beautician that best suits your needs on your big day from our regularly updated database.

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