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Anis Sheikh; Office Boy

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Anis is one of 5 children in his family. His mother is a domestic maid and father takes contracts for house repair, painting, etc. No one in his family has studied beyond Class 10. His elder brother is an Office Boy and both his sisters were married off before turning 18.

Anis is also a school dropout, having studied till Class 9 in a madrasa in Tunga Gaon, Chandivali, Mumbai. After foregoing his studies, Anis took up odd jobs like packing &loading garments, as and when they came up. But these jobs did not pay much, didn’t last long and had no aspirational value for a young boy of 18. He had no way of finding a better job.

At the insistence of his mother, Anis registered with sometime in June 2015. Within a week he landed a job as an office boy, with a salary of Rs.6,000. The atmosphere of the office helped Anis aspire towards a better life, and encouraged him to resume his education. Today, after 7 months on the job, Anis has turned into a confident young man, doing all in-house and on-field jobs for his employer. On top of that, he has enrolled in night school to continue his education.
In the words of his mother, “The job has saved Anis from wasting his time with friends without any aim in life. I am now not at all worried that he might end up doing something unlawful.”

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