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Someone recently asked me, “Do homeowners really hire elder care/home care staff in Mumbai, Delhi? Besides, is it safe? Why not let the patient be in a clinic or hospital? Why keep them at home if they need specialised, individual care?”

My response at that time was that while there are obvious benefits of home caregiver for a patient, it is not always a patient who needs a caregiver. A person who is not “sick” also benefits from a home caregiver or eldercare staff. In my experience, the benefits of hiring a patient care include companionship as well as ensuring that there is someone to look after our parents even when we are not present. This becomes especially important in today’s times of nuclear families. Afterall, in metros there are often no family member who stays at home through the day.

I also gave her some of these benefits for hiring a caregiver for homes.

Hiring a home caregiver is cost-effective

A professional caregiver at home is more affordable than keeping a patient in a clinic. Afterall how many of us can afford the charges of a hospital for prolonged period?

Hiring a home caregiver in a city like Mumbai, Pune, Delhi is convenient

In a metro like these, if the patient is in a nursing home, family members will have to make time to visit them. This may have a lot of limitations. On the other hand, a professional caregiver at home means whenever you are home you are around the patient. If you know that your loved one is at home with a caregiver it can reduce the feeling of guilt one has. We often have guilt with not being able to visit a clinic often enough, or being restricted by stipulated visiting hours.

A caregiver at home means personalized care

Since at home there is one patient or elderly person and one caregiver, your loved ones have their complete attention. The seniors/patients will be able to demand what they want, when they want it, without having to wait.

A caregiver at home gives the caretaker comfort and confidence to recover fast

We have to acknowledge that the Elderly fear to move into a nursing home. For them, it is equal to losing their independence and being separated from family. The home setting gives freedom to the elderly as well as recuperating patients to remain engaged in their typical daily activities. While being in the community and with family and friends around them. With a range of home care services that are now available, our loved ones have more opportunities to lead a meaningful, independent life well into their old age. This setting is good for the mental well-being of the patient. The feeling of being at home, with family and friends, in known surroundings, in their own room can promote recovery.

Home caregivers can offer companionship

Remember, we are all humans and there is only so much we can do for our family members, including our elders. With the responsibilities of kids, jobs, studies and social life it can be almost impossible to give as much time to our elders as we would want to. A full-time caregiver gives you the option to bring some companionship to your parents. This person will be there to listen to them, watch TV with them, read out to them and so on.


So, when you choose patient care or elder care, do take into account the additional skills the person brings. It could be education, reading ability, ability to play board games, etc. Overall, it may not make much of a difference to the cost but will mean the world of a difference to the care the seniors get. If you are looking to hire a caregiver, do check out online services. Here you can hire directly, cost-effectively, without spending a bomb on hiring through an agency.

Now comes the question of “Is it safe”. As far as safety is concerned, always verify the staff you hire for home. Always get criminal verification done by a professional agency. If possible, visit the house of the person you are hiring. If not possible, get it done through an agency. Even Helper4U does address verification for helpers across india, at a very nominal cost.

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