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Shakuntala; Live-in Maid

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Shakuntala is a widow from a small village in Maharashtra. She was getting ready to travel to Mumbai in search for a maid job. One of her friends carried back to her a pamphlet distributed by Helper4U  in Mumbai, and told her about this new way of finding a job through a phone call, without any registration fees.

Before traveling to Mumbai, Shakuntala called the helpline from her village itself to register for a live-in maid’s job in Mumbai. The next day she travelled to Mumbai with her heavy baggage . After that came all the way to our office to submit her Aadhar Card finding a job. She told us, “I have no place to stay in Mumbai. Might have to stay on the road if my friend does not allow me to stay with her. I desperately need a job to take care of my two children.”

By God’s grace. Shakuntala received an interview call within a couple of hours of her profile going live, and finalized the job the very same day. She did not have to spend a single night on the road.

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