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A classic case study on how Helper4U can help you in a Time and cost effective way. The employer in this case was in Kolkata and the job seeker was needed in Mumbai.

Limited time, part-time requirement for office boy

  • Name of the employer: Abhishek
  • Need for the employer: Abhishek was from Lucknow.  His father was undergoing treatment at Tata Cancer Memorial Hospital in Mumbai. Unfortunately, his father expired, and he had to go back to Lucknow. But, there were some documents to be collected from teh hospital. ABhishek could not stay back in Mumbai to do it and asked Helper4U if we could find someone who would do this work for him. Helper4U interviewed some Helpers looking for Office Boy job. Explained the work to them, shortlisted the best and got them interviewed by Abhishek.
  • When did the employer come to Helper4U: 19th August 2019
  • When did the hiring close: 23 August 2019
  • Money spent: INR 3150, which included advertising the job, shortlisting candidates, coordinating the job, payment to the Helper and courier charges.
  • Services bought: Interview Assistant
  • Who was the Helper hired by the employer: Paresh More. He completed the whole job within 3 days, as against 5 days factored in by us, couriered all the documents safely to Abhishek and got his full payment within a day.
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Helper4U is the best way for hiring of unskilled or semi-skilled Helpers across India, without an Agency.
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