Field Work done by Helper4U

Over the past few weeks Helper4U has been conducting Field Work and surveys in urban slums across Delhi, Mumbai, Raipur, Cuttack, Ranchi, Gurugram and many more. It is part of a Summer Internship program with Students from IIM Raipur. These interns are trying to understand the problems faced by the unorganised workers, especially domestic workers, Maids, Nannies, Cooks, Drivers etc, in their job search. They are also educating the men & women of urban slums about Helper4U, & how they can get a job as per their requirement with respect & dignity, without paying a single penny to anyone as commission.

The account below is from Vivek Lakra, who is working in Delhi slums.

My Experience

“We came across many people who were unemployed & looking for a job for a living. Mostly, males were interacting with us. Fewer women were trying to know our cause. They were just curiously watching from their houses.”

Women Facing Male Patriarchy

……But during our ground work in slums we came across a woman who was uneducated, runs a small store in one of the slums near North Campus, Delhi University.  We had a chat about how we were facing problems registering ladies to the portal & she responded, “Most ladies in our slums have told themselves that they don’t need to work. They are happy in their comfort zone & feel they have already reached their destination. Most have no aspirations, even though every day is a struggle for them.”

She added “Males here largely have a patriarchal attitude. They feel they will provide everything that their home needs. They won’t send the lady out of the house to work as it will mean that they are incapable of taking care of their families. In their minds they have convinced themselves that they are happy. Some are even afraid that if women start working they will be out of their control. ……Many women want to work but don’t know how to find work, even if their husbands may allow them to work.”

This lady was herself concerned about getting her children employed as it was difficult for them to get a job in her locality. We told her about Helper4U & how we help people at the bottom of the economic pyramid get better job opportunities, near their homes, without any physical or financial exploitation. She understood the process and then registered her son, who has completed his class 11,on Helper4U for a delivery boy or office boy job.

The lady also promised to get her daughter to register too for a telecaller or babysitter’s job. She in fact thanked us for reaching out to her and hoped we can help both her kids find a good job near their homes.  Then, lovingly offered us some food, something which many of us don’t do when guests visit our homes. Lastly, she promised to spread  news about Helper4U among other ladies of the slum and encourage them to become independent & get a job with respect.

Even though she was not educated, she understood the need for women to work . She also understood how a mobile can be used to do much more than just talk! Ladies like her can prove to be the breakthrough point to the ladies in the slums.”

This lady proves that lack of education does not necessarily mean that you can’t be progressive.

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