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Get Rid of Fear of Hiring helpers for home from Online Portal

Get Rid of Fear of Hiring helpers for home from Online Portal

Choose your helpers wisley

Helper4U aims to facilitate hiring helpers for home.  The idea is quite revolutionary: Hire a maid or nanny on phone! The biggest reason some of our customers don’t feel comfortable hiring from an online portal. Their “fear of hiring a stranger”.

They say they are ready to hire someone from their neighbor or security guard. Recommends or an agent brings butare not sure about hiring from an online portal. They feel that they can’t hire someone who is unknown to someone else in their circle. Even if that someone else is the security guard, their driver or agency. And, I ask them, if something happens with the Helper then will these people take responsibility for that? The answer is always “No, they will not.”

Why depend on someone else

Then why depend upon someone else to work at closing your hiring need. when you can easily hire, on the go, with minimal cost and effort, through an online portal?

I always say to these people that when we look for jobs in any organization. The organization does not hire us because someone in that organization knows us. We are hired basis on our experience, education or capability. Imagine, if someone said they cannot hire us because no one they know can vouch for us! In this case most of us would remain unemployed most of our lives.

So, why don’t we apply the same logic when we hire at our homes? Just check that the person has all that is needed to complete the job you are offering. Check whether the person ticks all the boxes on the JD you have: Experience, age, qualification, temperament etc. Just because your friend had a bad experience with her domestic worker does not mean that you will go through the same.

Why depend on someone else check availability

Select your helper and check if helpers are available or not

Who is a Stranger

These bring me to the definition of a stranger. A stranger is defined as a person whom one does not know or with whom one is not familiar. So, the question is should we be suspicious of the person we are not familiar with or of the person who is not familiar with the job on offer. I would say, logically it should be the second option.

When going through the hiring process focus on the fact that the candidate is not a stranger to the role, rather than on the fact that she and you are physically strangers.

If she has the requisite experience, skill and qualifications to be carry out her duties, then the only thing left for you to do is familiarize yourself with her. Your security guard being familiar with her is of no consequence. As I said before, if something were to happen, you will not be able to hold that security guard responsible.

Many people say that the job of a maid or babysitter is more intimate and personal to the employer than that of a white collared worker in the office. I totally agree. Your domestic helper will be interacting with and be responsible for people whom you love the most. So, ensure that you familiarize yourself with her. How do you do that?

Get Rid of Fear of Hiring helpers for home from Online Portal


Verification of Helper

It is simple: Check documents, get verification of criminal record done, talk to previous employers, if possible visit her home or get a third part to visit the home, ask as many questions as you can to know her personally.

Like the HR department of a company, take more than one interviews, let the person go through a trial period of a couple of days to ensure that your maid is no stranger to the job role.

These are the things you should follow as a process even if the maid or nanny is coming through a referral. No one who refers a maid would have done any kind of verification on your behalf before recommending the person.

At the most someone may vouch for how good they are at work. Even here, each of us has a different requirement from our maid. So, try out the person first, irrespective of the source of the candidate.

Every day as parents, we entrust our kids to new people and new environments, whether in school, playground, restaurants, etc. At school we leave them with new teachers, in a new environment. This is not only because someone recommended that school to us, but because we do our due diligence before finalizing a school. So, do a similar due diligence when hiring a Helper. Don’t only rely on word of mouth.

Hire Fair

The “stranger mentality” only holds us back from improving our life quality. We should not hesitate hiring someone just because we feel we are strangers, Even when the  person is qualified, experienced, polite, and ready to work for us in our budget and at our time requirement and fit for us in every way.

So, please give up this mentality. Give yourself as well as the job seeker a chance at better life.

Do the due diligence and then be fair in hiring.

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We offer the following services so that the person you hire is not a stranger for you when you hire them.

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