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Formalizing the Worker in Unorganized Sector

Migrant workers
Workers in the Unorganised Sector

One fallout of the lockdown due to COVID has been the workers in the unorganised sector returning to their hometowns. These workers worked in homes and offices as helpers, or as construction workers and in factories. This fallout would mean that many employers will be hiring new staff members, including Helpers at home and office. When you hire your staff now, even if they are from the unorganised sector, we can do a lot to formalize their employment. This is for theirs and our safety and positive experience in the whole transaction.

As an employer of a Helper: Maid, Nanny, Cook, Cleaner, Office Boy, Driver, Caregiver, Construction worker, Factory worker, and so on, what can you do to take an important step in this direction? How can you formalize your employment?

Job Contract
Every job can be Formalized

The following is what we use as a joining kit in any formal sector job. We can use the same when hiring a worker from the unorganised sector:

  1. Appointment Letter/Employment Agreement which should include salary, job role, bonus, leaves and increment guidelines
  2. Working Hours and Leave Policy in detail
  3. Overtime Policy
  4. Anti-Drugs, gutka and smoking agreement
  5. Guidelines on use of mobile, including guidelines about clicking pics inside your home 
  6. Referral information
  7. Dress Code, Cleanliness/Common Hygiene Policy
  8. Detailed Job Description
  9. List of important phones numbers to be contacted in case of any emergency

Use the above as a guideline for Important documentation you should do when hiring any Helper from the Unorganized sector.

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