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How to find a Babysitter who is great for your child

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Looking for a babysitter, but unable to decide how to find a babysitter who is great for your child? A dilemma that most parents would go through. As a parent, we feel that our child is special and anyone interacting with them should understand their “personality”. In fact, each child is unique in terms of his or her personality traits. If hiring a babysitter, find one who will be able to deal with and encourage the child based on these traits.

Maids for baby care may not be hard to find if you are looking for someone to be just around the child. Then cleanliness may be the only thing you look for. And ensuring she is not addicted to her phone, or the TV is the next important thing. But, if you are looking for someone to nurture your child & help your child grow then there are certain things to take care of.
Let us talk about some things which you should keep in mind if you want to find a baby sitter who is great for your child.

Choose a Nanny Based on Your Child’s Personality.
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At Helper4U we often get to talk to moms looking to hire a nanny. One of the common things we hear is: “My baby is very active so, I want a nanny who is young and can run around with him/her.”

This is such a simple yet important way to select a nanny. If your child is active and always running around or ready for games, not sleeping too much, then that is a sign that you need someone who can keep him/her engaged. You don’t want your child to just be plopped in front of the TV doing nothing except maybe eating. The nanny need not be 18 years old, but sure enough someone not more than 45.
On the other hand, if your child likes to read, play board games or puzzles, then look for someone who has the patience to sit with the child and read to him/her. In this case you are better off with an older nanny.

Similarly, a child may love to talk. For such a child you need someone who will be able to engage them in an interesting way. Choose someone who talks well, gently and at the level of the children. Someone ideal would be one who is not afraid of being silly and play Peek a boo 1000 times in a day!

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Some General Qualities Needed

All kids love to play. So the baby sitter should be willing to play how and when your kids want to play. Whether extrovert or introvert, children need to be engaged at all times either in games, books, stories, board games or something similar. Every child will need some level of interaction by the sitter. Having a sitter who just sits and texts on her phone will usually get a quick thumbs down from your child so avoid them.
You will want your child to follow a routine. Routines are good for children. So, choose a nanny who is gentle yet stern enough to be not bullied by your child. She should be able to get the child to follow a routine.

Ask the candidate if she is interested in any creative activities. It could be something as simple as gardening, stitching, making Rangoli, cooking etc. If she has interest in any of these she can be a part of art and craft activities for the child.
That brings us to a related trait: That of being smart and intelligent. An educated, intelligent sitter will be able to answer the questions of the child, and challenge the child in his games, puzzles, and other activities. She will be able to hold discussions with the child and help him/her new things constantly.

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Above all you should hire a sitter who is responsible not only for the comfort but also safety of the child. It is her responsibility to make the child feel safe and protected, whether in house or outside. She should be able to take a decision in times of emergency and not feel helpless. You can share this video[Link to video] with your sitter to make her understand her responsibilities, and how to make sure of the safety of the child.

Lastly, it extremely crucial for you to know that the babysitter you hire is trustworthy. After all you are leaving your most precious family member in her care. So, always do a criminal background check, and if possible, visit the home of your Baby sitter. This will help you verify the address of the person. If you cannot do it yourself, hire someone who specializes in this. Helper4U, for example can help you with document, criminal background, as well as address verification through a simple process. You just give us the details of the helper and we take care of the rest. The charges for these services are nominal and in fact very less in return for the security that you get. You can check details [Link to subscriptions]of the services here.

In addition to the above general requirements, different skills, and qualifications are needed for a child care professional, depending upon the age of the child/baby. Mothers contacting Helper4U for hiring of nannies have helped us with some insights into the job requirements as per the age of the child. We are sharing these insights here.


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Responsibilities of a Nanny as per the Age of the Child

Japa maid for an infant: During Japa, i.e. upto 45 days after the birth of the child, a japa maid can help with:
Massage of the mother as well as child
Bathing the child
Cooking special food for the mother
Generally, help the mother recuperate while also taking care of the child.
A japa maid should be healthy and strong.
Nanny for a child upto 2 years of age: The job of a nanny would include:
Massaging & bathing the child
Feeding (bottles or spoon feeding) & burping
Putting the child to sleep
Toilet care of the child
Sterilization of baby’s belongings
Keeping baby’s room clean
Washing and ironing baby’s clothes
Giving baby regular medicines
Taking the baby out
Playing with the baby.
The nanny should really have high energy levels as children grow very fast at this age.

Baby sitter for a child from 2- 5 years of age: The Babysitter should be able to:
Look after all child related jobs like bathing, dressing up etc
Accompany the school going baby to the school or bus etc
Feed the child patiently
Toilet train the child
Keep the child engaged with simple toys, puzzles, books etc.
Baby sitter for a child older than 5 years of age: The Babysitter should be able to:
Take care of the baby when alone at home with the child in the absence of a parent
Read to the child, play board games, and even help with basic studies, if required
You need someone who is educated enough to engage the fast-growing mind of the child and also be able to read their books etc.

Hopefully the above information should help you take the right decision to hire a babysitter who is great for your child. If you want to find a babysitter, Japa Maid, Nanny near your home, do check out [Link to Babysitter page on site]for Verified, Genuine, Experienced Candidates who have registered themselves and are looking for a job.

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