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Best Job Interview Tips For Job Seekers – Interview Skills

Dress code for interview
How to dress for interview

Face-to-face interview is the last and the most important step in the hiring process of a job. It is the first impression that the recruiter has of you. To nail it, we must possess some interview skills that would help us to not only give a successful interview but also stand out from our competitors and give us an edge. How do you give your best performance? 

What are the things that you should take care of? Here are the best job interview tips for job seekers:

  1. Before going to the interview, make a file of all your important documents (or their copies) like your school or college marksheet, voting card, aadhar card, etc. If you are a driver, then carry your licence. If you have done any training, then carry the certificate. If you have any previous experience, then carry the employers’ name, address and phone no. as well.
  1. Make a resume/biodata which includes all of your personal information like name, address, phone number, education, experience, etc. and keep that with you. Click here to make a resume: 
  1. Dress professionally and according to the occasion. Avoid being too casual. Watch our detailed video on “How to dress for work
  1. Reach the interview on time. For that, you need to find out how to reach the place of interview beforehand and how much time it will take.  You can ask your employer for directions and also ask them to message the address. Being late is one of the biggest mistakes you can make. It shows irresponsibility. Try to reach 15-30 minutes before time. It’s better to wait than be late. Do not upset your employer/client.
  1. As soon as you meet the employer, wish him/her Good Morning or Good Evening, tell your name and give him/her your file. Do not sit unless asked to or ask before you sit.
  1. Ask all important questions to your employer like what will be your responsibilities, timings, leaves, salary, etc. 
  1. The most important skill is honesty. Be truthful with all your answers. If you do not like the work, then you should say so in the interview itself. Do not make fake promises.
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Watch our detailed video on “What is Honesty?

  1. While leaving the interview, always say “Thank You. to your interviewer. It is your responsibility to also thank the person who told you about the job and let him/her know how it went.

Watch our detailed video on “Interview Skills”.

These were the best job interview tips for job seekers. If you take care of these things and give your interview with honesty, you will definitely get your desired job. All the Best!

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