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Enable Migration by Choice and Not Force


here are many problems Migrants face like lack of knowledge of available opportunities, lack of local options

Migration for work at the bottom of the economic pyramid is a pervasive reality in India. It happens largely for work in the unorganised sector, including in the domestic sector. Very often we can go out and earn our paychecks, and enjoy life because we have someone taking care of a lot of things at home and office. If you look around you will find that a big percentage of these workers are migrants.

Sadly, despite the great contribution of migrants to national income little is done in return for their security and social or civic well-being. They have many disadvantages like lack of knowledge of available opportunities, lack of local options, and hope of the availability of work elsewhere.

These migrants:
  1. Lack of information, and thus bargaining power
  2. They get caught in exploitative low-end, low-value work, only due to lack of information
  3. Are denied subsidies on decent shelter, food, healthcare, training, and education as they become invisible on crossing boundaries
  4. Get missing in Census, BPL surveys, electoral process, etc which impact policymaking

In view of the above, there is an imminent need for solutions to both. Stem migration as well as transform migration into a more dignified and rewarding opportunity. Helper4U is working in that direction by making available job opportunities for the ABCDE: Aya, Bai, Cook, Driver, and everyone similar to Eldercare, Delivery staff, Field workers, Housekeeping staff and Office boys, in areas of their choice. Helper4U believes that migration should happen by choice and not by force, and that is the aim with which it is now targeting the Job Seekers across India.

Easy Process

The Job Seeker can self-register on the Helper4U website or register by calling in on 8828111044. Then they get notifications for job opportunities as per their choice of work, salary, location, etc. Employers contact them pro-actively and hire directly without any middleman. This does away with some of the disadvantages mentioned above, in terms of the absence of information or networking.


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