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Domestic Workers Job Contract

Employment Contract for Domestic Workers

We normally do not sign any job or employment contract with our Domestic Workers. This is because we feel, and to some extent rightly so, that it is not practical to regulate specific aspects of domestic work, such as exact hours of work and the work done. In India, specifically, Domestic Helpers have an informal relationship with their employer to some extent. The employer as well as the worker, often go out of their way to accommodate each other.

What is it

We at Helper4U, just like NDWM (National Domestic Workers Movement) and ILO, encourages you to sign a broad employment contract while hiring a Domestic Worker and ABCDE: Aya, Bai, Cook, Driver, and Everyone similar, to avoid disputes and frustrations at a later stage, for both sides. This job contract with the domestic workers need not be a legal document. It can just broadly define expectations from the Helper, in terms of work, job description, roles, and responsibilities, timings, rules for taking leave, etc. It can also list expectations from you in terms of salary, leaves allowed, bonuses, working conditions, etc.

The Need

This will help you both in good stead later, in case of any argument, legal issue, need to terminate employment or anything similar. Also, it is a well-known fact that anything written with a signature on it has a better chance of being followed through than just a spoken word.

A Sample

We have attached here a sample employment contract for you which many of our customers have found useful. See if this serves your needs. Or use this as the base for designing your own contract. It will also help to organize the unorganized work to some extent.

Most placement agencies for domestic workers now use a job or employment contract in some form or the other to ensure minimal conflicts at any stage. If you are an Agency, this contract can be very useful to use. You can use this to manage expectations of the Job Seeker as well as Job Giver.

Job Contract in: English 

Job Contract in: Hindi 

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