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Caps off to Mumbai Dabbawalas!

Helper4u provides Dabbawalas in Mumbai has associated with #MumbaiDabbawalas to extend our reach to the Job Givers for Blue Collared workers. It was a wonderful experience watching how the Dabbawalas work is on an auto pilot, in spite of no MBA or training.

Sharing here some memories we carried back from our first campaign through them.

Checking out the associated brand

When we reached, first of all, the managers checked the pamphlets to ensure it was good enough to be associated with. Do the gentlemen look familiar? Well, they were part of The Lunchbox movie!

Interestingly, the bench they are sitting on is also multipurpose. It turns into a carrier once the work starts, as seen in the following picture.



Bench into Carrier


Interested in Job


Our pamphlets garnered attention as many dabbawalas saw an opportunity to find jobs for their wives or relatives.

Beautiful Arrangement

The arrangement of so many dabba cases looks difficult, but actually is quite simple:

  • Just take one strap as a central strap
  • Put it through the straps of all the cases

behold, you have this beautiful, simple arrangement that is easy to carry and sort.

Maximizing the ROI

Whether a bike or a bicycle, this arrangement ensures maximum ROI with every trip.

Men at Work

 Dabbawalas with their trademark cap everywhere carrying lunch boxes in every direction, as per the assigned destination.

Coded Dabbas

The dabbas are then coded (as above) as per their destination, and no mistake is made in delivery.

Pamphlets ready to get into Dabbas

And, pamphlets left next to each location, to be inserted into the dabbas.

Unbelievable Co-ordination

As seen above, as soon as the boxes reach their respective spot marked for a destination someone would come, insert pamphlets in all the dabbas there,

Ready to leave

Finally pick them up and leave for delivery.

Unbelievable co-ordination!!!

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