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Blanket Ban on Helping Bollywood Celebrities Hire Maids?

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Read a post from one of the online Maid Hiring Agencies in Mumbai about their blanket ban on providing a maid to Bollywood celebrities. Really! Is a blanket ban even justified, leave alone a solution?

Are there bad apples only in Bollywood?

Or have we again found our favourite bashing target in Bollywood? Then again, do a few bad apples make the whole basket rotten? We would strongly say No, and with a reason. Some of the Helpers registered with Helper4U have also been hired by celebrities. In Bollywood homes also and not one complaint in 3 years.

Some examples:

One of the cooks registered on Helper4U got work in one of the many homes of one of the biggest celebrities in Bollywood: last we contacted the cook to reconfirm the availability (as is our normal process to keep the data updated and free of junk profiles) the cook was happily working there …on a salary that was three times the market rate!

One of the bouncers on our site got to work in the team of a big Bollywood female star. He was over the moon with the treatment he got while with her.

One of our Helpers from Nashik got hired in the home of an ex-cricketer. No complaints from either side. In fact, the Helper got 6 more people from Nashik to register with us because she liked the whole process as well as her job so much. Even her employer called in after about a year asking for a recommendation with hiring one more Helper from our site.

Role of the Placement Agency?

1) Why should any agency replace a maid 7 times if there has been physical abuse with the earlier ones?  Why wait for 7 times?

2) By placing a maid for Rs. 10,000 for a 4 BHK house in Mumbai any Agency is in fact, ensuring the maid would never get her dues in any way. Rs. 10,000 for that big a house is low by any standards in Mumbai. The Helpers registered on (who get hired directly by the employer without any mediation from Helper4U) will charge in the range of Rs.12- 15,000 a month, and get it.

Commonly known logic is that while hiring through an Agency the employer tries to pay for the Agency fees by reducing the payout to the maid. But, it should be for the agencies to ensure that the maids they place are paid decent (not just minimum) wages.

The above actually is partly the reason we resist working like a placement agency. As a social enterprise working with the unorganized domestic sector, we want to ensure that the whole budget a household has for domestic workers goes to the workers & not to us.

Online, self hiring: Simple, Better Faster:

Our model is very simple. Employers search for Helpers in our database using multiple filters, Check their availability at click of a button, Pay us a nominal amount for getting the contact details of the Helpers they want to hire from Helper4U, Call the Helper to interview and Hire and Lastly tell us of the hiring so that we can complete the Criminal Background Check of the Helper.

All negotiations happen between the Employer and the Job Seeker directly: Just like matchmaking or a dating site. No commission ever exchanges hands with Helper4U post-hiring. Less money for us, but more for the one who actually works to earn it. Lastly, threats of spoiling the image of a business on social media are part and parcel of any business today. Helper4U charges about one-hundredth of what an Agency charges, but can still “boast” of a couple of similar threats. Should one choose not to do the right thing because of such threats? We have chosen to ignore these threats and hoped that ultimately our work ethics will hold us in good stead. And, so far we have not regretted this policy!

In fact, we laugh about it and say maybe we will gain some mileage from getting to be the (-ve) eye candy of the vast following of such customers on Twitter and FB.

Next time you need to hire ABCDE: Aya, Bai, Cook, Driver & Everyone similar do check out before going to any middleman or agency.

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