Blacklisting without proofI received a message today from Book My Bai and saw that it is at Blacklisting again. Last time it was blacklisting Bollywood  this time blacklisting maids, without any proof or hearing their side of the story, without giving one hoot about how it can impact the lives of the domestic workers.
Is putting a disclaimer that they have not verified the information enough? Seeds of doubt are surely sown as soon as one sees something like the image below! 
Why this is not right
As businesses we worry so much about the impact of one negative review. Yet here is a business inviting employers to vent about their Helpers and actually holding sort of a one sided trial with the affected party having no clue of what is happening to them! Have you checked their side of the story? Did the employer share a copy of teh FIR with you? Do you have any proof what happened is actually what is shared? They may never get a good job again. 
In our many years of being in existent, we have had 2 cases where employer complained to us about the Helper having stolen something, and in both the cases turned out that the employer was angry because the Helper refused to come back to work for them, because they did not like the employer.  This is the sad reality, because Maids are so precious for us. Still we do not treat them like precious ones.
My request to employers hiring from online self hiring platforms like or any Agency like BMB: If you have a complain against a Helper, go to the police and let law takes its own course.

How does an FIR help

When the next employer does a criminal background check on the Helper who is guilty of a crime the culprit would be automatically caught. That is the right way to help others and doing social good.
Verification of Helpers
And, yes, always do address and background check when you hire. This is now available as an online service on sites like ours. Use it. Better be safe than sorry.
The service is hassle free, very cost effective and certainly worth teh peace of mind it gives you when you are letting a stranger into your house.
To hire verified Helpers, across India, directly, without a middleman, do check out
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