Helper4U offers the option of three subscriptions. To keep things simple, every package offers something unique to the customers. So, it is easy for you to choose a package. To choose the Best Subscription Package for You, you should understand these packages in detail.

The three packages are:

  1. Unlock Contacts
  2. Click2Call
  3. Virtual Assisstance

Let us see what does each of them offer and who should use which one:

Get Contact

Under this you get:

  • Access to complete active Helper4U database
  • permission to Post Jobs. So, if you don’t want to spend time shortlisting, post a job with your requirements and candidates will apply for it. We will also broadcast your job to our vast database, and you may get some good candidates form there too.
  • Get Contact Details of up to 4 Helpers whom you like. Just take there number, call them to interview and hire if you like them.
  • Discounted Verification & other Services
  • H4UConnect App to manage your expenses, income and Helpers. You can automatically manage their salary, documents, leaves. The app is FREE for all our users

So, if you have want to connect with limited candidates, this is the package for you.


  • In addition to all the above, you can call up to 7 Helpers directly through our website. One call is counted as done, only if the call connects, and you manage to talk to the candidate. This connect helps you get a feel of the candidate, and whether you may want to take her contact number or not. It is also a seamless way to find out which candidates are available to pick the call at the time you are calling them.

This is for you if you want to talk to more than 4 candidates, and want to complete your calling at one go.

  • Click2Call.
  •  the candidate picks up, talk to her.
  • If not, Click2Call the next one.
  • You like the first feel, get the number and call at leisure for a detailed interview.

Virtual Assistant Services

While you get everything as under our most Basic package, there is a big advantage for a small cost:

  • You can hire a virtual assistant who will interview up to 7 Helpers shortlisted by you. The interview will be based on your needs, which you will tell us. These requirements can be anything like: you want a specific cook who can cook Gujarati food, or a driver who can come at 7 in the morning or a nanny who can do massage of an infant. tell us your needs, we interview your candidates and give you a report. based on that you can take upto 4 contact numbers and do your personal interview.

This is for you if you do not want to spend time calling and talking to candidates. Before taking 4 contacts you want to be sure which one will meet your needs to the T. It is also often used by corporate customers as an outsourced process for first level of interview, without having to pay hefty agency fees.

The process is simple:

  • Shortlist candidates
  • Fill up the form for your requirements
  • Choose candidates to Add2Interview
  • Get report on the interviews conducted by us
  • Get Contact Details of up to 4 Helpers

Download H4UConnect app here.



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