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Being Safe with Maid Placement Agencies

Safe hiring of Helpers on Helper4U

How can you choose the right way to hire Helpers

We sometimes turn to a Maid Placement Agencies to get a maid or cook. They normally charge one month’s salary, for 11 month’s of service. In addition some even charge a joining fee of 15,000 to 25,000.  Since a domestic helper is so important in our lives, we often pay them all this, hoping that they will provide us with verified, trustworthy helpers.

But, in the recent past, there have numerous incidents of fraud.  This not only leads to a loss of the fees paid, but at times, also thefts, or other incidences at home.

Tips to choose the right Agency

Here are some tips that you could use to protect yourselves from getting cheated:

    1. Verify the address of agency by meeting in their office instead of your home
    2. Check company registration documents. Legally no one can run a Placement Agency without registration
    3. Ask for testimonials or referrals of past clients served by the agency and talk to a few.
    4. Ask the agency to provide authentic identification documents of the maid. Get these documents verified before hiring. You can use online verification services to validate documents, do a criminal background check and even verify the address of the Helper through a physical visit to Helper’s address
    5. Ask for a trial period of a few days before paying the commission.
    6. Get a shorter contract: It is less risky and has less commission!
    7. Negotiate to pay the commission through installments on a monthly basis rather than all at once. This reduces the headache of getting a refund in case the maid runs away.
    8. Read the contract carefully and see if you want get your own clauses added to it. For example, try for a clause that if you are not happy with the service, you can cancel the contract without having to go through the painful process of finding replacements.
Hire Maids Online

Easier and Safer to hire Helpers for home online, without Agency

Use Online services

If you want to save money and time on hiring of a maid, nanny, cook, caregiver or driver, you may also use online services like Helper4U, which not only provides a verified, live database, but also give you all facilities offered by any Agency, at much less cost: Interview assistance, Verified Helpers, Contract creation, Replacement option, mobile based training for cooking, caregiving, soft skills etc.

Check out our database of helpers that suits your requirements to hire Better-Faster-Cheaper.

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