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Background Verification: Better Safe Than Sorry

Verification Services at Helper4U

Always Verify your Domestic Helper

Every day page 2 and 3 of the newspapers have at least one case of domestic helper or someone similar having robbed the employer, and in some cases having harmed them physically.

Helper4U is often asked if we do background checks of Helpers listed with us. Whether it is safe to hire Maids, Cooks, Nannies, Drivers etc from an online portal. Many NRIs hire caregivers for their parents from Helper4U and the most important question they ask is: Will it be safe to hire a caregiver online for our parents in India.

The answer is: AT Helper4U we do aadhar verification when we onboard ANY candidate. And, then we offer background check and address verification of ANY Helper you hire from us.

Even if you don’t hire from us you can use these services on our website. We offer document verification, criminal background verification, physical address verification in return for a fees ranging from Rs. 49 to 999. We have specialists in these jobs. The authentication of residential addresses, educational and criminal records is checked by third party which usually takes between 7 days to a month to give a report.

Check this E Book to understand what are the different verification and what is their advantage.


Reasons for Avoiding Verification

Often employers choose to bypass the verification while hiring a domestic worker for reasons ranging from the money involved to the urgency of the hiring, and lack of time. So, most domestic employers are yet to give due importance to pre-employment background checks the importance it deserves.

With online services offered by us, all these reasons become redundant. Everything that you have to do is online, and then we take over.  So, you can register for verification on the go, just using your mobile, without spending too much time, or money.

Sometimes employer rely on the fact that someone referred a Helper to them so it must be safe. Think again. Will your neighbour, or driver, or security guard take responsibility for the person they referred? An even bigger question is that will they really be able to vouch for the background of the person they refer

In today’s world, no one wants to take responsibility of a person they refer for marriage to their friend. This is reference of an unknown person, so who would take onus for their wrong doings?

Better hire someone who is verified by professionals. This will help you get over your fear of hiring unknown people.

We strongly recommend that you consider verification as an investment. Background checks help in safeguarding your homes, children and other family members. It will promote overall safety at home for the ones you love the most. Go for it.

We offer the following services so that the person you hire is not a stranger for you when you hire them.

Document Verification | Criminal Verification | Address Verification

You can reach out to us for more details.

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