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We often receive questions about how to register a helper with the police or verify Helper . So, one of our staff members visited the nearby police station and asked the officer there for help.

Here is what we were told:
  1. When you hire a new blue collared worker, especially for home, you must get them registered with the local police station. When you Verify they will check if there is no negative case in their jurisdiction, and will also have the details handy in case some untoward incident happens. The process is simple:
  • Take a form from your local police station. You can also download it here.
  • Fill the form with a passport photograph and aadhar card details of your domestic help.
  • Submit the form at the police station.
  • Get a photocopy countersigned by the police and keep it safe.
  1. If you need a character certificate from the Helper’s home town, visit and fill in the details online. You DO NOT need to hire any agent to do this. It is a convenient self-help site, especially created by the police department for making life easier for all of us.
  2. If you need to get a criminal background check, you can do that online. The criminal records will be checked across all courts of India, and it takes just 2-3 days. Check the service here:
  3. You can also get the address given to you by a Helper checked through a physical visit to the address. You can use various agencies for this. They visit the home and also talk to neighbors to ensure that the address actually belongs to that person. This is especially helpful if in future you need to track down the person. You can check the service here:

All the above act as a deterrent. Your domestic helper, or driver, or delivery boy, on whom you conduct the check knows that you have their details and can easily trace you down if they run away after theft or any other such event. Charges are very nominal, and you yourself have to do nothing except fill a form for verification when you hire a maid, cook, nanny, driver, delivery boy, etc.


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